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Issue #26

▪️ Amplify React UI is GA
▪️ Application Migration Service AWS SOC reports and temporary IAM creds
▪️ AppStream 2.0 enables UDP streaming for Windows
▪️ Backup Audit Manager new control to audit RPO
▪️ CloudFormation Guard 2.1 is GA
▪️ Connect
    ▫️ Customer Profiles confidence scores support
    ▫️ flows branching based on Lex confidence scores
    ▫️ personalize customer experience with Lex sentiment analysis
▪️ Database Migration Service
    ▫️ Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL as a target
    ▫️ IBM Db2 z/OS as a source
    ▫️ VPC source/target endpoints
▪️ DataSync Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP
▪️ DocumentDB dynamic storage resizing
▪️ EKS Anywhere bare metal support
▪️ FinSpace user permissions APIs
▪️ GameLift new Web Console
▪️ Glue ETL streaming auto-decompression
▪️ IoT Greengrass MQTT v5
▪️ MemoryDB Redis is now PCI DSS Compliant
▪️ Migration Hub Refactor Spaces enable and disable active routes
▪️ Organizations integration with Well-Architected Tool
▪️ Outposts
    ▫️ host-level spread with EC2 placement groups
    ▫️ S3 now supports presigned URLs
▪️ Pinpoint precise communication delivery with journey schedule
▪️ Polly new male Neural TTS voices Canadian French, UK English, German, US Spanish
▪️ QuickSight
    ▫️ Level Aware Calculations (LAC)
    ▫️ new suite of functions Level Aware Calculation (LAC)
    ▫️ pre-signed up "Q Topics" samples
    ▫️ rolling date functionality
▪️ RDS increases concurrent copy limit to 20 snapshots per destination region
▪️ SageMaker
    ▫️ new Tabular Data Modeling Algorithms
    ▫️ RStudio custom image
▪️ SAM Accelerate is GA
▪️ Support Center new Web Console
▪️ Systems Manager patch manager Windows/Linux OS
▪️ Toolkit Visual Studio adds CloudWatch Logs Integration
▪️ WorkMail use Lambda to fetch availability (free/busy)