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Issue #106

▪️   AWS Console Mobile App
       ▫️  enhanced sign in experience for Android
       ▫️  integrated mobile experience
▪️   Backup protecting FSx for NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup volumes
▪️   CloudWatch Logs account level subscription filter
▪️   CodeBuild X-Large Linux compute type
▪️   Config +22 new resource types
▪️   Connect
       ▫️  audio optimization for Citrix cloud desktops
       ▫️  outbound campaigns voice dialing API | GA
▪️   ECS
       ▫️  Fargate now integrate with Amazon EBS
       ▫️  improves deployment monitoring responsiveness
▪️   ElastiCache
       ▫️  additional sizes of network-optimized C7gn nodes
       ▫️  now supports Memcached 1.6.22
▪️   EMR backup and restore for Apache HBase Tables
▪️   EMR Studio customer managed KMS key encryption for workspace storage
▪️   EventBridge AppSync as a target of EventBridge Buses
▪️   Kinesis Data Firehose delivering data to Splunk clusters using ALB
▪️   Lambda SnapStart for Java functions in 5 additional regions
▪️   Location Service additional places content in Maps
▪️   Marketplace Insights new dashboard for sellers showing product usage
▪️   Open Job Description an open specification for portable render jobs
▪️   OpenSearch Service hybrid query score normalization
▪️   RDS for Db2 up to 5,000 database users
▪️   RDS for MySQL Innovation Release version 8.2
▪️   RDS for SQL Server supports minor version 2019 CU24
▪️   ROSA hosted control planes (HCP) | GA
▪️   Route 53
       ▫️  expands geoproximity routing
       ▫️  Resolver DNS Firewall query type filtering
▪️   SageMaker now supports M7i, C7i, and R7i instances for ML Inference