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Issue #130

▪️  Amazon Q  step-by-step guides
▪️  Aurora additional monitoring information during upgrades
▪️  B2B Data Interchange automated 999 acknowledgements for healthcare transactions
▪️  Bedrock AI21 Labs' Jamba-Instruct model
▪️  Bedrock Knowledge Bases offers observability logs
▪️  Blu Insights accelerates migrations with new AI capabilities
▪️  CloudShell VPC Support
▪️  CloudWatch Logs account level subscription filter in 4 additional regions
▪️  CodeBuild
      ▫️ Arm-based workloads using AWS Graviton3
      ▫️ build timeout limit increased to 36 hours
▪️  CodeCatalyst
      ▫️ conversion of source repositories to custom blueprints
      ▫️ GitLab.com source code repositories
▪️  Control Tower API to discover landing zone operations
▪️  DataZone  API-driven, OpenLineage-compatible data lineage visualization in preview
▪️  DocumentDB IAM database authentication
▪️  ECR Open Container Initiative Image and Distribution
▪️  EKS cluster creation flexibility for networking add-ons
▪️  Elemental MediaTailor CMAF for dynamic ad transcoding
▪️  EventBridge new console dashboard
▪️  EventBridge Pipes now supports AWS PrivateLink
▪️  EventBridge Scheduler more universal targets including Bedrock
▪️  Flink Managed Service
      ▫️ 2 APIs to query operations
      ▫️ Flink 1.19
      ▫️ system-rollback
▪️  Glue Data Quality Data Quality Definition Language (DQDL) enhancements
▪️  GuardDuty EC2 Runtime Monitoring Ubuntu/Debian OS
▪️  IVS Real-Time Streaming up to 25,000 viewers
▪️  MSK in-place upgrades from M5, T3 instance types to Graviton3 based M7G
▪️  OpenSearch Ingestion ingest streaming data from Confluent Cloud
▪️  ParallelCluster 3.10 with support for Amazon Linux 2023 and Terraform
▪️  QuickSight pixel-perfect reports with Repeating Sections
▪️  RDS Database Preview Environment PostgreSQL 17 Beta 2
▪️  RDS for MySQL supports new minor version 8.0.37
▪️  RDS Multi-AZ 2-readable standbys snapshot export to S3
▪️  SageMaker Canvas new capabilities for time series forecasting models
▪️  SageMaker JumpStart EvolutionaryScale’s ESM3, a frontier language model family for biology
▪️  SageMaker Model Registry cross-account ML model sharing
▪️  SageMaker now supports SageMaker Studio Personalization
▪️  Well-Architected Framework and Lens Catalog Updates and Expansion
▪️  WorkSpaces
      ▫️ Pools
      ▫️ RHEL support