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Issue #129

▪️  Bedrock
      ▫️  Claude 3.5 Sonnet
      ▫️  compressed embeddings from Cohere Embed
▪️  Billing and Cost Management
      ▫️  Data Exports for Cost Optimization Hub
      ▫️  Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0 (Preview)
▪️  CodeArtifact Cargo, the Rust package manager
▪️  CodeBuild organization and global GitHub webhooks
▪️  CodeCatalyst
      ▫️  ability to link issues
      ▫️  analyze issues and recommend granular tasks
      ▫️  Default Role
      ▫️  GitHub Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud with Amazon Q
      ▫️  Introducing Maven, Python, and NuGet support
      ▫️  managing billing and access with a single AWS account
      ▫️  Q Developer to choose a blueprint
▪️  Compute Optimizer rightsizing for RDS MySQL/PostgreSQL
▪️  DataZone
      ▫️  achieves SOC, ISO, and CSTAR certifications
      ▫️  advanced search filtering capabilities
      ▫️  custom blueprint configurations for AWS services
▪️  Deadline Cloud Autodesk 3ds Max Usage-Based Licensing
▪️  EC2 macOS AMIs are now on Parameter Store
▪️  EKS open sources Pod Identity agent
▪️  ElastiCache Serverless snapshot and restore for Memcached
▪️  Elemental MediaConnect source stream monitoring
▪️  Elemental MediaPackage Cross-region failover
▪️  Glue
      ▫️  +13 transforms including flag duplicates
      ▫️  serverless Spark UI now supports rolling log files
      ▫️  Usage Profiles | GA
▪️  IoT TwinMaker Dynamic Scene feature
▪️  IVS Real-Time Streaming Record individual participants
▪️  KMS Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) key agreement
▪️  Launch Wizard resource and tag-based access controls
▪️  Mainframe Modernization Application Testing | GA
▪️  MWAA Custom Web Server URLs
▪️  NICE DCV Access Console
▪️  OpenSearch Ingestion customer managed VPC interface endpoints
▪️  OpenSearch Serverless Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) support
▪️  OpenSearch Service JWT authentication and authorization
▪️  RDS for MariaDB v10.11.8, 10.6.18, 10.5.25, 10.4.34
▪️  RDS for Oracle memory optimized R6i instance types
▪️  RDS for SQL Server up to 64TiB and 256K IOPS with io2 Block Express volumes
▪️  Redshift VARBYTE 16MB data type
▪️  Redshift Query Editor V2 100MB file uploads
▪️  Research and Engineering Studio version 2024
▪️  SageMaker Canvas Productionize Foundation Models
▪️  SageMaker fully managed MLflow Capability
▪️  SageMaker HyperPod configurable cluster storage
▪️  SageMaker JumpStart granular access control for foundation models
▪️  SES now publishes email sending events to EventBridge
▪️  Systems Manager additional Rocky, Oracle, and Alma Linux versions
▪️  Transfer Family event-driven managed file transfer workflows