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Issue #33

▪️ App Mesh configurable Envoy access log format | multiple listeners
▪️ Aurora IPv6 support
▪️ Chime SDK C++ signaling client | IVS/MediaLive streaming
▪️ CIS Benchmark L1/L2 config profiles for Bottlerocket
▪️ CloudWatch Logs Site-to-Site VPN connection
▪️ Compute Optimizer designated AWS accounts
▪️ Control Tower customized log retention(up to 15 years)
▪️ Config +20 new resource types
▪️ Cost Anomaly Detection anomaly exploration new UI
▪️ Cost Categories Out of Cycle cost categorization
▪️ DynamoDB bulk imports from S3
▪️ EKS cluster-level cost allocation tagging | Docs
▪️ EKS Fargate Profile Selectors wildcard support
▪️ Interactive Video Service 720/1080p inputs in basic channels
▪️ IoT SiteWise bulk import of historical measurement data
▪️ Lambda custom Kafka Consumer Group IDs as event sources
▪️ Lex conditional branching for simplified dialog management
▪️ MemoryDB for Redis HIPAA compliant
▪️ MSK Serverless CloudFormation and Terraform support
▪️ OpenSearch Service visibility into validation errors during b/g deployments
▪️ Personalize new recommender “Trending-Now” for Video on Demand
▪️ PrivateLink CloudWatch Contributor Insights integration
▪️ Rekognition Custom Labels autoscaling of inference units | cross-account models
▪️ Resilience Hub ELB, Route 53, Application Recovery Controller
▪️ SageMaker Canvas automatic data import from local disk
▪️ SageMaker Pipelines test ML workflows locally
▪️ Smithy Interface Definition Language (IDL) 2.0 | GA | Blog | Docs
▪️ Trusted Advisor Priority only for Enterprise Support customers | GA