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Issue #40

▪️ AppStream 2.0
     ▫️ create Linux Images with GUI
     ▫️ webcams while streaming Linux apps/desktops
▪️ Aurora Serverless v2 CloudFormation support
▪️ Backup new Backup Vault Lock UX
▪️ Budgets filter by Invoicing Entity and Legal Entity
▪️ Chime new mobile apps
▪️ CloudWatch Log increased query concurrency
▪️ CloudWatch Metrics VPC network address usage
▪️ Config 15 new resource types
▪️ Connect Cases is now GA
▪️ Connect reduces telephony pricing across LATAM and Europe
▪️ Detective case insensitive search
▪️ DevOps Guru control SNS notifications
▪️ EC2 AMI Instance Metadata Service Version 2 by default
▪️ ECS/EKS Optomized AMIs for Windows Server now use Docker CE runtime
▪️ ECS extra metadata attributes for EC2 running tasks
▪️ Global Accelerator +2 edge locations | US, Vietnam
▪️ IAM Access Analyzer
     ▫️ now reviews CloudTrail history
     ▫️ validate role trust policies easier
▪️ Incident Manager streamlines responses to Jira Service Management Incidents
▪️ IoT SiteWise increased quota Assets and Asset Models
▪️ IoT TwinMaker IoT Application Kit | library
▪️ Lambda Functions Graviton2 +12 regions
▪️ Nimble Studio Windows Server 2022 base image
▪️ RDS fast failover with JDBC Driver for PostgreSQL
▪️ Redshift Serverless resource tagging support
▪️ S3 Object Lambda use your own code to modify the results of HEAD and LIST requests
▪️ SageMaker Canvas
     ▫️ new course for practical decision making using no-code ML
     ▫️ quicker set up of time-series forecasting models
     ▫️ near real-time explanations for ML predictions
▪️ SAM serverless connectors
▪️ SQS Server-Side Encryption with SQS-managed encryption keys (SSE-SQS) by default
▪️ Storage Gateway
     ▫️ simplifies creating new gateways and alarms
     ▫️ supports 15 TiB tapes
     ▫️ Tape Gateway 2x performance for cloud upload/download
▪️ Translate formality customization support for Dutch, Korean, and Mexican Spanish
▪️ WorkMail Impersonation Roles

3 October – 9 October, 2022