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Issue #39

▪️ App Runner Node.js 16 managed runtime
▪️ Budgets 1-Click templates and tutorials
▪️ Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority renamed to Private CA
▪️ Cloud Control API PrivateLink support
▪️ Cloud Map new Service Level Agreement
▪️ CloudWatch Container Insights ECS lifecycle events
▪️ Compute Optimizer +37 new EC2 instance types, memory metrics for Windows
▪️ Connect CloudWatch support for 3rd party integrations for Wisdom, Tasks, and Customer profiles
▪️ Connect queue dashboard | updated flows UI and improved flow language
▪️ Copilot IAM permission boundaries
▪️ Cost Categories retroactive rules application
▪️ Data Lifecycle Manager now automates archival of EBS Snapshots
▪️ EBS Snapshots in-progress snapshot archives default limit increase
▪️ IAM controls for Support Plans Console
▪️ IoT FleetWise General Availability
▪️ Inspector Bottlerocket support
▪️ Kendra Dropbox connector
▪️ Location Service unique place IDs
▪️ MSK Serverless is now HIPAA eligible
▪️ SageMaker Autopilot Data Wrangler feature transforms
▪️ SageMaker Canvas math functions and operators
▪️ SageMaker Training Managed Warm Pools
▪️ Service Catalog UX changes
▪️ Snow Family Amazon Linux 2 AMIs
▪️ Textract self-service quota management
▪️ WorkSpaces Core Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service | New
▪️ WorkSpaces Ubuntu Desktop
▪️ X-Ray PHP OpenTelemetry tracing | Public Preview

26 September – 2 October, 2022