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Issue #55 🧧

▪️ Billing Conductor SKU pricing rules
▪️ Chime SDK up to 250 video streams per WebRTC session
▪️ CloudWatch
     ▫️ cross-account Metric Streams
     ▫️ enhanced error visibility for Embedded Metric Format (EMF)
▪️ Connect long lasting, persistent chat experiences
▪️ Detective new AWS managed IAM policies
▪️ EC2 ConnTrack Utilization metric
▪️ EC2 Auto Scaling recommendations about activating predictive scaling policy
▪️ EC2 Image Builder
     ▫️ CIS Benchmarks for AMI security hardening
     ▫️ custom AMIs Marketplace subscription
▪️ EC2 Launch Templates Systems Manager parameters for AMIs
▪️ ECS new default console experience
▪️ EFS 1K Access Points per FS
▪️ EMR 30% faster to launch on EC2 cluster in a private subnet
▪️ EMR Serverless account-level vCPU-based service quota
▪️ Fault Injection Simulator increased quotas for target resources
▪️ Kendra MS Yammer Connector
▪️ Marketplace Console new private offers page
▪️ Network Firewall IPv6 support
▪️ OpenSearch Service enhanced dry run for configuration changes
▪️ RDS for MariaDB enforcing SSL/TLS connections
▪️ S3 File Gateway
     ▫️ DOS attributes support
     ▫️ maximum file shares per gateway from 10 to 50
▪️ SAM CloudFormation Linter
▪️ Systems Manager  cross-account/region patching with Patch Policies

16 January 2023 – 22 January, 2023