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Issue #119

▪️ AppSync forwards request headers to Lambda custom authorizer functions
▪️ AWS India customers can now use UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to make payments
▪️ Bedrock Knowledge Bases
     ▫️ Claude 3 Haiku
     ▫️ support for CloudFormation and Service Quotas
▪️ Braket experimental capabilities for QuEra device via Braket Direct
▪️ Clean Rooms Differential Privacy | GA
▪️ CloudFront
     ▫️ Common Media Client Data (CMCD) fields in real-time logs
     ▫️ launch CloudWatch Internet Monitor
     ▫️ Origin Access Control (OAC) for AWS Elemental MediaPackage Origin
     ▫️ Origin Access Control (OAC) for Lambda function URL origins
▪️ CloudWatch Container Insights observability for Windows containers on EKS
▪️ CloudWatch RUM +11 Regions | GA
▪️ Detective investigations for GuardDuty EC2 Runtime Monitoring
▪️ Elemental
     ▫️ MediaLive CMAF Ingest output group
     ▫️ MediaTailor HLS Interstitials for VOD streams
▪️ EMR on EKS simplified access management controls
▪️ HealthImaging search parameters and extended search API responses
▪️ KMS more flexible automatic key rotation
▪️ Lambda Kafka event sources in +4 regions
▪️ Location Service Tracking SDK for iOS and Android
▪️ Media Services workflow monitor
▪️ Neuron speculative decoding
▪️ OpenSearch Service update node count without blue/green
▪️ Outposts Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
▪️ RDS for MySQL rds_superuser_role for easier implementation of role based privileges
▪️ Resource Explorer +10 Regions
▪️ Route 53 support for 18 additional Top-Level Domains
▪️ Step Functions Optimized Integration for AWS Elemental MediaConvert
▪️ Transfer Family new workshop for SFTP