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Issue #104

▪️   CloudWatch CodeArtifact metrics support
▪️   CodePipeline GitLab self-managed
▪️   Connect new API to update contact priority
▪️   EKS
       ▫️ assigning EC2 security groups to IPv6 Kubernetes pods
       ▫️ cluster health status details
▪️   Elemental MediaTailor time shifting in Channel Assembly
▪️   EMR
       ▫️ Amazon Linux 2023 support
       ▫️ Studio user level permissions for Git Repositories
▪️   Kinesis Data Firehose zero buffering
▪️   SageMaker
       ▫️ model training container access for debugging purposes
       ▫️ Studio local mode and Docker
▪️   Support Security Improvement Program for Enterprise On-Ramp customers