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Issue #103

▪️   Application Discovery Service storage monitoring for VMware
▪️   AppSync GraphQL API configuration
▪️   Audit Manager PCI 4.0 for automated evidence collection
▪️   Aurora PostgreSQL
       ▫️ delegating extension management to lower privileged users
       ▫️ h3-pg for geospatial indexing
       ▫️ HypoPG extension for creating hypothetical indexes
       ▫️ integration with Amazon Bedrock for Generative AI
       ▫️ RDS Data API
▪️    Aurora supports PostgreSQL 15.5, 14.10, 13.13, 12.17
▪️    AWS India  save cards in AWS for faster invoice payments
▪️    Backup Audit Manager new control to audit restore time targets
▪️    Backup SAP HANA High Availability databases on EC2
▪️    Chime SDK new high-definition video modes
▪️    Clean Rooms customer compliance with ISO and SOC
▪️    Cloud9 now supports Amazon Linux 2023
▪️    CloudFront 4096-bit RSA TLS certificates
▪️    CloudWatch
       ▫️ alarms adds Lambda as an alarm state change action
       ▫️ Container Insights cross-account observability for EKS
       ▫️ Network Monitor is now generally available
▪️    CodeCatalyst Dev Environments
       ▫️ SSH support
       ▫️ VPC support
▪️    CodeCommit Customer Managed Key (CMK) support
▪️    Cognito customize access tokens
▪️    Config 1000 AWS Config rules per AWS Region per account
▪️    Connect
       ▫️ agent workspace supports contextual views for third-party apps | `Preview
       ▫️ granular access controls (using resource tags) for hours of operation
       ▫️ granular access controls (using resource tags) for prompts
       ▫️ routing contacts according to the proficiency of agents
       ▫️ Contact Lens new API to search for contacts
       ▫️ Tasks link and track tasks and associated contacts
▪️    Console Mobile App integrated mobile experience
▪️    Direct Connect
       ▫️ location in Canberra, Australia
       ▫️ locations in Calgary, Canada
▪️    DynamoDB local adds support for two DynamoDB API features
▪️    EC2 HPC instances now available in additional regions
▪️    ECR wildcards in lifecycle policies
▪️    EFA support for Open MPI 5.0
▪️    EKS introduces upgrade insights
▪️    EKS simplified controls for IAM cluster access management
▪️    EMR Serverless fine-grained access control via AWS Lake Formation | Preview
▪️    FSx for NetApp ONTAP NetApp System Manager to manage your file systems
▪️    FSx for OpenZFS on-demand data replication across AWS Regions and accounts
▪️    Ground Station new antenna location in Alaska
▪️    Keyspaces DML query auditing with AWS CloudTrail
▪️    Kinesis Data Firehose is now available in the Canada West (Calgary) region
▪️    Launch Wizard Automate deployment of SAP systems on ASE databases
▪️    Managed Service for Prometheus customer managed KMS keys
▪️    Marketplace read API that can get details on multiple entities at once
▪️    Network Firewall egress TLS inspection is now available in all regions
▪️    Neuron PyTorch 2.1 and Llama-2-70b model inference
▪️    OpenSearch Service multimodal support for Neural Search
▪️    ParallelCluster 3.8 EC2 Capacity Blocks for ML
▪️    RDS for Db2 X2iedn instances
▪️    RDS new UX RDS Recommendations
▪️    RDS Performance Insights  recommendations when metrics breach advisable thresholds
▪️    Redshift SSO with QuickSight and Lake Formation
▪️    Route 53 Resolver Endpoints
       ▫️ DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
       ▫️ now in Canada West (Calgary) Region
▪️    SageMaker model parallelism now provides up to 20% speed up with less code change
▪️    Security Hub +15 new security controls
▪️    VPC Bring Your Own IP in 3 AWS Local Zones