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Issue #114

▪️   AppConfig Extensions dynamic parameters
▪️   AppFabric Box and IBM Security® Verify
▪️   Application Load Balancer Resource Map support
▪️   Aurora MySQL
       ▫️  integration with AWS Bedrock
       ▫️  v3.06 compatible with MySQL 8.0.34 | GA
▪️   Batch on EKS private EKS clusters
▪️   Bedrock Claude 3 Sonnet model
▪️   CloudWatch Metric Streams daily metrics
▪️   Competency Partners Generative AI
▪️   Cost Categories revamped UI
▪️   EC2 C7gd, M7gd, and R7gd metal instances are now available
▪️   ECS Fargate gMSA authentication for Linux containers
▪️   FSx for NetApp ONTAP x2 max throughput capacity to 72 GBps
▪️   HealthImaging import of large DICOMs and high-throughput HTJ2K
▪️   HealthLake expands search parameter support
▪️   Managed Grafana Enterprise plugins upgrade
▪️   MQ RabbitMQ version 3.11.28
▪️   Neptune DoD Impact Level 4/5
▪️   OpenSearch Serverless time-series workloads up to 10TB
▪️   RDS Custom for SQL Server X2iedn and R5b instances
▪️   RDS io2 Block Express for consistent sub-millisecond latency and 99.999% durability
▪️   RDS Multi-AZ Deployments security certificate rotation 2 readable standbys
▪️   re:Post re:Post Live
▪️   SageMaker Canvas refreshed homepage
▪️   SES support for headers when sending email
▪️   VPC adjust preferred lease time with DHCPv6
▪️   WAF
       ▫️  enhances rate-based rules
       ▫️  larger up to 64KB request body inspections for regional resources
▪️   Wickr FedRAMP High authorization
▪️   WorkSpaces WebAuthn for in-session authentication
▪️   X-Ray data events in AWS CloudTrail