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Issue #127

▪️  API Gateway
      ▫️  integration timeout limit increase beyond 29 seconds
      ▫️  secure APIs using Amazon Verified Permissions
▪️  AppFabric now supports JumpCloud
▪️  Audit Manager common control library
▪️  Aurora MySQL 3.07 (compatible with MySQL 8.0.36) | GA
▪️  Batch Job Queue Snapshot
▪️  Bedrock Knowledge Bases Titan Text Embeddings V2
▪️  CloudWatch GetMetricData API CloudTrail data event logging
▪️  CloudWatch Logs Live Tail streaming CLI support
▪️  CodeCatalyst
      ▫️  Bitbucket Cloud source code repositories
      ▫️  GitHub Cloud source code with blueprints
▪️  Connect
      ▫️  agent workspace launches refreshed look and feel
      ▫️  time zone support for forecasts
▪️  Console EC2 instance type finder
▪️  Data Firehose integration with Secrets Manager
▪️  DMS Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL as a source
▪️  Elastic Beanstalk .NET 8 on AL2023
▪️  EMR Serverless Streaming jobs
▪️  FSx for Lustre increases maximum metadata IOPS by up to 15x
▪️  HealthImaging EventBridge support
▪️  Inspector container image scanning for CodeCatalyst and GitHub Actions
▪️  IoT Device Management unified connectivity metrics dashboard
▪️  Location Service Enhanced Location Integrity features
▪️  OpenSearch Ingestion  ingesting streaming data from MSK Serverless
▪️  OpenSearch Serverless slashes entry cost in half for all collection types
▪️  Organization Centrally manage member account root email addresses
▪️  Q inline completions in the command line
▪️  SageMaker Model Registry now supports ML governance information
▪️  Tax Settings AP programmatically manage tax registration information
▪️  Timestream for LiveAnalytics now an Amazon EventBridge Pipes target
▪️  Transfer Family increases message size and throughput limits for AS2