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Issue #126

▪️  AppStream 2.0 Real-time audio and Microsoft Server 2022
▪️  AppSync long running events with async Lambda function invocations
▪️  Bedrock
      ▫️ new Converse API
      ▫️ Powertools for Lambda (Python) Agents
▪️  CloudWatch now offers 30 days of alarm history
▪️  Cognito user pools - customize access tokens
▪️  Connect
      ▫️ Apple Messages for Business
      ▫️ Zero-ETL analytics data lake
▪️  DMS Schema Conversion New Oracle to PostgreSQL built-in system functions
▪️  DMS Serverless improved Oracle to Redshift Full Load throughput
▪️  DynamoDB local configurable maximum throughput for on-demand tables
▪️  EC2 High Memory U7i Instances
▪️  EventBridge Scheduler new API request metrics for improved observability
▪️  Marketplace amendments for AMI annual agreements
▪️  MSK
      ▫️ Kafka version 3.7
      ▫️ KRaft mode
▪️  Network Firewall increases quota for stateful rules
▪️  PartyRock Document widget
▪️  QuickSight
      ▫️ Milan, Zurich, Cape Town and Jakarta Regions
      ▫️ multi column sorting for Tables
▪️  RDS Custom for SQL Server One-click instance profile creation
▪️  RDS Multi-AZ 2 readable standbys +6 AWS regions
▪️  SageMaker Canvas up to 10x faster startup time
▪️  SAP ABAP SDK BTP edition | Preview
▪️  Supply Chain Lead Time Insights data variability
▪️  WAF Bot & Fraud Control versioning for managed rule groups