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Issue #17

Undisputed headliners of the week – MSK Serverless (Managed Kafka), Managed Thread Signatures for AWS Network Firewall and IAM services changes which allow you to control access to your resources based on the Account, Organizational Unit or Organization in AWS Organizations.

Wrap-up April 25 - May 1

▪️ Audit Manager custom rules from AWS Config
▪️ Cloudwatch Lambda Insights + Application Insights
▪️ Connect
   ▫️ new Search users API by name, agent hierarchies, tags
   ▫️ new API to change Agent Status
   ▫️ Voice ID attributes
▪️ Control Tower  Python 3.9 runtime
▪️ EC2
   ▫️ I4i instances -> storage I/O intensive workloads | page
   ▫️ EC2 key pairs ED25519 PPK format + Cloudformation support
▪️ EKS Karpenter v0.9.0 + Pod Affinity
▪️ IAM new way to control resource access by accountId, OU | docs
▪️ Interactive Video Service stream chat feature
▪️ Launch Wizard simplified SAP deployments
▪️ Lightsail ALB automatic HTTPS redirects + configurable TLS security policy
▪️ MSK Serverless is now GA | docs
▪️ Network Firewall AWS Managed Threat Signatures
▪️ Polly Neural TTS voice in Portuguese
▪️ RDS
   ▫️ Amazon RDS usage metrics against AWS service limits
   ▫️ Data API now supports returning SQL results as a simplified JSON string
   ▫️ IPv6 support
   ▫️ M6i and R6i instances:  MariaDB  | Postgres | MySQL
▪️ SageMaker Data Wrangler
   ▫️ Data Quality insights
   ▫️ random and stratified sampling
▪️ Service Catalog AWS CDK support
▪️ SES V2 40MB email size support
▪️ Snow
   ▫️ Large Data Migration Manager
   ▫️ update of device certificates