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Issue #18

Wrap-up May 2 - May 8

▪️ AppConfig Lambda Extensions Feature Flag for Arm/Graviton2
▪️ Braket +10X perfomance with embedded circuit simulations | Blog
▪️ CodeGuru Reviewer files/folders suppression in code reviews | Docs
▪️ Compute Optimizer detects over/under provisioned EBS & Lambda
▪️ Connect
    ▫️ new StopContact API to prevent duplicate callback requests
    ▫️ up to 6 participants on a call
    ▫️ scheduling metrics capability in Preview
▪️ EKS console now shows all standard Kubernetes resources
▪️ ElastiCache new Web console
▪️ IoT Secure Tunneling with single-use token and token rotation
▪️ Kinesis Video Streams  managed support for image extraction
▪️ Lex custom vocabulary support | docs
▪️ Managed Blockchain Goerli Testnet for Ethereum
▪️ Outposts RDS storage autoscaling
▪️ Quicksight Line chart support for 10K data points
▪️ RDS
    ▫️ PG 14.1+ cascaded read replicas for up to 30X more capacity
    ▫️ Performance Insights new UX to see metrics for any interval
    ▫️ SQL Server 2016 SP3, 2017 CU27, and 2019 CU15
▪️ Rekognition  improved accuracy with Face APIs v6
▪️ SageMaker
    ▫️ Canvas data preparation and usability improvements
    ▫️ Data Wrangler interactive data preparation with M5/R5 instances
▪️ SAM enable AWS X-Ray tracing from CLI
▪️ Service Catalog Provisioning external constructs with cdk-import

Number of the week: 155

Amazon RDS – Starting with PostgreSQL 14.1 and higher, read intensive workloads can now benefit from up to 155 cascaded read replicas that offer up to 30 times higher read capacity versus previous versions.