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Issue #19

▪️ Amazon FSx NetApp ONTAP is now certified for SAP HANA
▪️ Amplify Kotlin library is in Developer Preview
▪️ Athena Apache Hive metastores views
▪️ Backup Audit Manager data protection in hybrid VMware workloads
▪️ Cloudwatch Events AMI creation/[de]registration events
▪️ CloudWatch Synthetics canary resources deletion
▪️ EC2 NitroTPM and UEFI Secure Boot is GA
▪️ EFS number of concurrent file locks increase: 8192 -> 65536
▪️ EKS Anywhere curated packages are now in public preview
▪️ GameKit Android, iOS, MacOS games support for Unreal Engine
▪️ IoT Core FreeRTOS Reference Integrations + Device Qualification Program
▪️ IoT SiteWise new APIs to retreive current, historical, aggregated values
▪️ Lambda Node.js 16 runtime
▪️ Lex phrase hints
▪️ PrivateLink IPv6 support
▪️ Prometheus track service usage with CloudWatch
▪️ SageMaker Notebook ml.g5 instances + Python 3.8 kernel support
▪️ Secrets Manager secrets usage metrics via CloudWatch
▪️ Single Sign-On Administration via delegated member account
▪️ Step Functions new Execusion Details page
▪️ VPC Traffic Mirroring send traffic through Gateway Load Balancer
▪️ VPC multiple IPv6 CIDR blocks