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Issue #28

💎AWS Cloud WAN General Availability
💥AWS Redshift Serverless General Availability

▪️ AppConfig Extensions
▪️ Athena better UI/API for parameterized queries
▪️ Aurora PostgreSQL supports R6i
▪️ CloudFront 1024 chars header names
▪️ Cloud WAN General Availability
▪️ Connect Customer Profiles integrate unified customer information
▪️ DevOps Guru Log Anomaly Detection
▪️ EMR 15x speed up with Result Fragment Caching
▪️ Firewall Manager
    ▫️ common security group policies
    ▫️ strict rule order with alert and drop configurations
▪️ Lambda Powertools for TypeScript is GA
▪️ Nimble Studio seamless IAM access
▪️ QuickSight IE11 EOL July 31, 2022
▪️ Redshift
    ▫️ Automated Materialized View is GA
    ▫️ cluster resize performance/restore
    ▫️ Row-Level Security (RLS)
    ▫️ Serverless is GA
▪️ re:Post profile pictures and inline images
▪️ SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning increased limits
▪️ SageMaker model deployment on ml.g5, ml.p4d, ml.c6i
▪️ Security Hub new integrations Lacework/Juniper Networks/SentinelOne/K9 Security
▪️ VPC Flow Logs +Transit Gateway support