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Issue #29


🔎 AI Use Case Explorer a web tool to find the right AI use cases for you biz
🔎 Cloudscape a set of guidelines and components to create web apps
🔎 EC2 R6a instances with 3rd gen AMD EPYC
🔎 Lambda Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) support

Full Changelog

▪️ AI Use Case Explorer find the right AI use cases for you biz
▪️ Athena visual query analysis and tuning tools
▪️ AWS Marketplace Reseller Contract
▪️ Backup
   ▫️ Audit Manager Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP
   ▫️ RDS Multi-AZ clusters with 2 readable standbys
▪️ Braket SDK near-real time cost tracking
▪️ CloudFormation event notifications with EventBridge
▪️ Cloudscape Design System an open source solution for building intuitive web applications
▪️ Control Tower Combined OU and Accounts page
▪️ Corretto July, 2022 quarterly updates
▪️ EBS automated performance settings
▪️ EC2 R6a instances AMD EPYC 3rd gen all-core turbo frequency
   ▫️ up to 35% better compute price performance compared to R5a
   ▫️ 10% lower cost than comparable x86-based EC2
▪️ EC2 Console Verified Provider label for public AMIs
▪️ Fraud Detector Account Takeover Insights (ATI)
▪️ Glue
   ▫️ G.025X - a new quarter DPU worker type
   ▫️ Streaming ETL Auto Scaling is GA
▪️ Interactive Video Service + web broadcast SDK
▪️ IoT Core Device Management Fleet Indexing Shadows | Violations as a data source
▪️ Lake Formation Runtime Role + Lake Formation
▪️ Lambda
   ▫️ Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)
   ▫️ new IAM condition key lambda:SourceFunctionArn
▪️ Migration Hub Refactor Spaces PrivateLink support
▪️ Network Firewall VPC prefix lists support
▪️ Porting Assistant VB.NET to .NET Core
▪️ QuickSight Bookmarks in dashboards
▪️ Redshift open source ODBC driver with binary protocol support
▪️ re:Post community-generated articles
▪️ SSO IAM with customer managed policies (CMPs)
▪️ Timestream no charge for dimension & measure names associated with ingesting, storing, and querying data are now free
▪️ Transfer Family ED25519 | ECDSA keys for user auth
▪️ WorkSpaces Web is now available in Mumbai/Singapore/Sydney/Tokyo regions

Week 29: July 18