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Issue #42

▪️ Amplify Swift iOS/macOS library
▪️ Braket pulse-level access to study the performance of today’s quantum computers
▪️ CloudFormation language extensions transform in GovCloud
▪️ CloudFront adds fields for origin latency and ASN in real-time logs
▪️ CloudTrail Lake export of signed query results to S3
▪️ CloudWatch Application Insights Visualize application health
▪️ Connect Wisdom improved machine learning capabilities
▪️ Database Migration Service C6i and R6i instances
▪️ Detective GuardDuty group related findings
▪️ DevOps Guru list view for analyzed resources
▪️ EKS Anywhere
     ▫️ Apache CloudStack
     ▫️ RHEL support
▪️ Global Accelerator AddEndpoint/RemoveEndpoint APIs
▪️ IAM Identity Center
     ▫️ default quota values increase
     ▫️ session management features
▪️ Interactive Video Service IVS stream chat web and mobile SDKs
▪️ Lambda Extension Parameters and Secrets
▪️ Lex FreeFormInput Slot Type
▪️ Management Console Dark mode support
▪️ Marketplace Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Workstation
▪️ Nitro Enclaves is now supported on AWS Graviton
▪️ Panorama Camera Stream Pause and Resume
▪️ RDS
     ▫️ Aurora MySQL faster export to S3
     ▫️ preview environment PostgreSQL 15 RC2
     ▫️ up to 15 read replicas for 3X read capacity
▪️ S3 on Outposts Access Point aliases
▪️ SageMaker Canvas Quick build support for time-series forecast models
▪️ SageMaker Data Wrangler
     ▫️ Dynamic reference to data sets with parameters
     ▫️ Reduce dimensionality using PCA
     ▫️ Refit transforms
     ▫️ Schedule data preparation jobs
▪️ Service Management Connector sort Service Catalog products by Account/Region
▪️ SES simplify provisioning and managing dedicated IPs
▪️ Snowball Edge Compute Optimized double the compute capacity and is now fully SSD NVMe storage
▪️ SQS increased throughput quota for FIFO HT mode to up to 6000 TPS
▪️ Step Functions new execution observability features for Express Workflows
▪️ WorkDocs Apple Silicon MacBooks support