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Issue #45

▪️ Amazon Time Sync public NTP service | guide
▪️ AppConfig achieves FedRAMP High Authority To Operate
▪️ Athena Query Result Reuse to accelerate queries
▪️ Aurora logical replication cache
▪️ Aurora Serverless v2 is now available in 20 regions
▪️ Backup VMware to EC2 workloads restore
▪️ Billing Conductor recurring custom line items
▪️ Certificate Manager ECDSA P-256 TLS certificates support
▪️ CloudTrail delegated administrator account
▪️ CloudTrail Lake Customer Managed KMS Keys (CMK) encryption
▪️ CloudWatch Logs export to SSE-KMS encrypted S3 buckets
▪️ Config 14 new resource types
▪️ EC2
     ▫️attribute-based instance type selection for ASG, EC2 Fleet, and Spot Fleet
     ▫️macOS Ventura support
     ▫️placement groups cross-account sharing
     ▫️price and capacity optimized allocation strategy for Spot Instances
▪️ ECS task scale-in protection | blog
▪️ ElastiCache IPv6 support | Redis 7 support
▪️ EventBridge New Scheduler | new
▪️ Firewall Manager import existing Network Firewall resources
▪️ Ground Station Customer Provided Ephemeris | in preview
▪️ IoT Device Defender audit check of revoked intermediate CA
▪️ Kendra is now FedRAMP High Compliant
▪️ Keyspaces Murmur3Partioner support
▪️ Lambda new Telemetry API | blog
▪️ Lightsail domain registration and DNS autoconfiguration
▪️ OpenSearch Service cross-VPC connectivity with PrivateLink
▪️ Polly Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish | VPC Support | GA
▪️ Private 5G multiple radio-units support
▪️ QuickSight send SPICE consumption metrics to CloudWatch
▪️ RDS for SQL Access to Transaction Log Backups
▪️ RDS new GP3 storage volumes support: no multi-az support
▪️ Resource Explorer resource search and discovery service | GA
▪️ SageMaker Canvas
     ▫️correlation matrices for advanced data analysis
     ▫️customer managed keys for time series forecast models
▪️ SageMaker JumpStart
     ▫️Model Training support for ml.trn1 instances
     ▫️Stable Diffusion and Bloom models
     ▫️TensorFlow Text Classification algorithms
▪️ Secrets Manager API RPS limit increase
▪️ Security Hub CIS Benchmark 1.4.0
▪️ SNS subscription filter policies quota increase by 50x
▪️ VPC IPv6 Subnet default GR multiple addresses support
▪️ Wavelength Zone in Manchester
▪️ Well-Architected Tool speed up reviews with workload discovery
▪️ WorkSpaces WSP protocol API

7 November – 13 November 2022