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Issue #46

▪️ Amplify Flutter Web and Desktop support for API, Analytics, Storage | Preview
▪️ Amplify In-app messaging notifications for React and React Native | GA
▪️ AppFlow Glue Data Catalog integration
▪️ Application Load Balancers turning off cross zone load balancing per target group
▪️ AppSync JavaScript support for GraphQL API resolvers
▪️ Athena
     ▫️Apache Iceberg table operations and file format support
     ▫️IBM Db2 connector
     ▫️Lake Formation fine-grained access control
▪️ Audit Manager search-based filtering and grouping
▪️ AWS re:Post community leaderboard
▪️ AWS SDK SAP ABAP | Preview
▪️ Billing Conductor billing entity pricing rules
▪️ Catalog API Tag-Based Authorization of resources
▪️ Chatbot command aliases
▪️ Chime SDK Alexa skill calling | new console experience
▪️ CloudFormation AWS Organization resource management
▪️ CloudFormation StackSets event notifications via EventBridge
▪️ CloudFront JA3 fingerprint headers
▪️ CloudWatch Application Insights SAP NetWeaver apps
▪️ CloudWatch RUM custom events
▪️ Connect
     ▫️multiple search terms through the profile search API
     ▫️manage saved reports
     ▫️monitoring live contacts API
▪️ Console Home new Applications widget
▪️ Contact Lens real-time email notifications
▪️ Database Migration Service IPv6 support
▪️ EC2
     ▫️Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) is GA
     ▫️increases size limit for AMI store and restore operations 1TB->5TB
     ▫️preserve customer created tags during image copy
▪️ ECS/EKS centralized logging support for Windows containers
▪️ EKS Blueprints App2Container Support
▪️ EKS/EKS Distro Kubernetes version 1.24
▪️ ElastiCache
     ▫️IAM Authentication for Redis clusters
     ▫️simplifies password rotations with Secrets Manager
▪️ Elemental MediaConnect high-fidelity color workloads
▪️ EMR on EKS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) controller | GA
▪️ EventBridge enhanced filtering capabilities
▪️ Fargate storage utilization monitoring
▪️ FinSpace
     ▫️access data from other AWS Analytics Services
     ▫️connections to customer networks
▪️ Forecast predictions for products with no historical data
▪️ HealthLake enhanced analytics feature
▪️ IAM multiple MFA devices
▪️ Incident Manager
     ▫️incident coordination
     ▫️PagerDuty integration
▪️ Interactive Video Service Stream Chat logging
▪️ IoT Device Defender Security Hub integration
▪️ IoT Device Management
▫️browser-based SSH via Secure Tunneling
▫️up to 12 query terms for more granular search and monitoring
▪️ IoT ExpressLink Technical Specification v1.1 released
▪️ IoT TwinMaker
     ▫️Athena data connector
     ▫️camera view and sub-model selection
     ▫️Knowledge Graph | GA
▪️ Lake Formation cross-account sharing to direct IAM principals
▪️ Lambda
     ▫️native AOT tooling support for .NET apps
     ▫️Node.js 18 support
▪️ Lex DTMF slot settings
▪️ Managed Service for Prometheus 200M active metrics per workspace
▪️ Managed Workflow
     ▫️container, queue, and database metrics
     ▫️Apache Airflow (MWAA) is now HIPAA eligible
▪️ MemoryDB for Redis is now System and Organization Controls (SOC) compliant
▪️ Microservice Extractor for .NET
     ▫️AI-powered automated refactoring recommendations
     ▫️Web Forms, WCF to .NET on Linux
▪️ Migration Hub
     ▫️Refactor Spaces is now integrated with CloudHedge OmniDeq
     ▫️Refactor Spaces now automatically handles DNS changes
▪️ NAT Gateway select Private IP for Network Address Translation
▪️ Nitro System now supports previous generation of instances
▪️ OpenSearch Service OpenSearch version 2.3
▪️ Personalize measure the recommendations impact
▪️ Polly Polish and Arabic TTS
▪️ Pricing Calculator modernization cost estimates for Microsoft workloads
▪️ Proton
     ▫️CDK through CodeBuild provisioning
     ▫️launches dashboard
▪️ QuickSight
     ▫️launches Textbox
     ▫️line and marker customization options for line charts
     ▫️Small Multiples for line, bar and pie charts
▪️ RDS Custom for Oracle Oracle Multitenant
▪️ RDS events now include attributes for filtering with SNS
     ▫️RDS for Oracle EFS integration
     ▫️RDS for SQL Server Cross Region Read Replica
     ▫️RDS for SQL Server linked server to Oracle
▪️ Redshift
     ▫️CONNECT BY SQL construct
     ▫️concurrency scaling for write workloads | GA
▪️ Resilience Hub integration with SNS & Trusted Advisor
▪️ S3 ACLs usage (at the request-level) coming to S3 server access logs and CloudTrail
▪️ S3 Glacier 10x restore throughput when retrieving large data volumes
▪️ S3 Storage Lens organization-wide visibility with 34 new metrics
▪️ SageMaker Autopilot SageMaker Studio batch inference
▪️ SageMaker JumpStart AlexaTM 20B model
▪️ SAM CLI Terraform support for Lambda local testing and debugging
▪️ Service Catalog
     ▫️AppRegistry support for automatic associations based on tags
     ▫️sharing of principal names
▪️ Service Management Connector
     ▫️Incident Manager with JSMC Incidents
     ▫️provisioning Service Catalog products in JSMC
     ▫️Security Hub bidirectional integration JSMC
▪️ SQS attribute-based access control
▪️ Step Functions simplify cross-account access
▪️ Systems Manager OpsCenter managing OpsItems across accounts
▪️ Transcribe Thai and Hindi languages for streaming audio
▪️ Transfer Family Drummond Group AS 2 Pre-Certification
▪️ Translate Tagging Support for Parallel Data and Custom Terminology
▪️ Trusted Advisor new checks from Resilience Hub
▪️ WorkDocs Delete Previous Versions
▪️ WorkSpaces
     ▫️certificate-based authentication
     ▫️Integration with SAML 2.0 | GA
     ▫️Multi-Region Resilience
     ▫️WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol 2.0
     ▫️Zoom Meeting Media Plugin for Windows | GA

14 November – 20 November 2022