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Issue #44

▪️AMS now supports SQL Server on EC2 Operations
▪️App Runner VPC Support
▪️AppStream certificate-based authentication
▪️Braket Aquila - neutral atom quantum processor
    ▫️RDS Multi-AZ deployments with two readable standbys
    ▫️StackSets improves insights on stack instances
    ▫️DismissUserContact API | GA
    ▫️Customer Profiles extra customer info
    ▫️quick connects new UI, Cloudtrail support
▪️Copilot support App Runner’s privately accessible services
▪️EC2 opt out of directly shared AMI
▪️EMR on EKS cross-job parameter sharing with job templates
▪️IoT Core Location Action
▪️Kinesis Data Streams inspect data records via console
▪️Launch Wizard
    ▫️Host Auto Failover for FSx NetApp ONTAP and SAP HANA
    ▫️placing MSSQL tempdb in an instance store
▪️MemoryDB Redis data tiering
▪️Migration Hub Orchestrator MSSQL migration
▪️ParallelCluster multiple instance type allocation
▪️Polly Dutch NTTS voice
    ▫️Custom for SQL scaling storage
    ▫️RDS Multi-AZ 2x faster transaction commit latency
▪️S3 on Outposts new Lifecycle actions and filters
▪️SageMaker Autopilot
    ▫️2x faster experiments in Hyperparameter Optimization training mode
    ▫️AutoML experiment feature selection and data type change
▪️Security Hub new integration partner Wiz
▪️SES Virtual Deliverability Manager
▪️SNS real-time data redaction, data masking, data protection | GA
    ▫️Analyze Expense API
    ▫️Analyze ID API
    ▫️new forms and text extraction features
▪️VPC cross-account Elastic IP transfer
▪️WAF Granular Geographic Match

31 October – 6 November, 2022