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Issue #61

▪️ Aurora Serverless v1 customer configurable maintenance windows
▪️ CloudShell modular variant of Tools for PowerShell
▪️ CloudWatch Internet Monitor general availability
▪️ Comprehend simplifies custom model retraining and management
▪️ Control Tower a progress tracker for landing zone setup and upgrades
▪️ Detective graph visualization for interactive security investigations
▪️ DevOps Guru Proactive Insights for RDS
▪️ DocumentDB MongoDB 5.0 wire protocol and client-side field level encryption
▪️ ECS deletion of inactive task definition revisions
▪️ Elemental MediaConvert now Ingests FLAC and Animated GIF Inputs
▪️ EMR Serverless application log encryption with Customer Managed Keys
▪️ Inspector Code scans for Lambda | Preview
▪️ IoT SiteWise Time-Weighted Average and Standard Deviation
▪️ Kinesis Data Streams On-Demand write throughput limit to 1 GB/s
▪️ KMS FIPS 140-2 enabled interface VPC endpoint
▪️ Lake Formation extends Data Filters to all regions for supported services
▪️ Lambda
     ▫️ DocumentDB change streams as an event source
     ▫️ Powertools for .NET is now generally available
▪️ Lightsail for Research Scilab, RStudio, and Jupyter apps | New
▪️ Managed Blockchain (AMB) Ethereum Token-Based Access | GA
▪️ Marketplace search autocomplete suggestions
▪️ Neptune Serverless now scales down to 1 NCU
▪️ Open Service Graviton2 (C6g, M6g, R6g) instances support in four additional regions
▪️ Private CA open-source samples for Matter compliant certificate authorities
▪️ RDS for PostgreSQL major version PostgreSQL 15
▪️ RDS for SQL Server cross-region Automated Backups with encryption
▪️ Redshift ROLLUP/CUBE and GROUPING SETS in GROUP BY clause | GA
▪️ SageMaker Autopilot select algorithms while launching ML experiment
▪️ SAM Rust build support | Preview
▪️ Service Catalog disassociate and delete products in one-action
▪️ SimSpace Weaver IAM Identity Center
▪️ Timestream batch loading data support

27 Feb 2023 – 05 Mar, 2023