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Issue #62

▪️ Application Composer is now generally available
▪️ Aurora cross-region DR capabilities in more regions
▪️ Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition  AD auth
▪️ Config +18 new resource types
▪️ Connect new API for customers to access historical metrics
▪️ Database Migration Service Fleet Advisor target recommendations
▪️ DynamoDB table deletion protection
▪️ EC2 create AMI with UEFI and Legacy BIOS on boot | blog
▪️ Elemental MediaConvert enhanced color processing
▪️ EMR on EKS emitting customer metrics for managed endpoints
▪️ Glue
     ▫️  faster and simpler permissions setup
     ▫️  Job Monitoring continuous logs
     ▫️  Streaming ETL
▪️ IAM roles with credentials control props for EC2
▪️ IoT Device Management Jobs maintenance window feature
▪️ Kinesis Data Firehose data delivery to ELK
▪️ Lambda up to 10 GB of ephemeral storage in 6 additional regions
▪️ License Manager Linux subscriptions expands region and admin support
▪️ Location Service Open Data Maps
▪️ Migration Hub Refactor Spaces environments without a network bridge
▪️ QuickSight enhances the developer experience with SDK 2.0
▪️ RDS for MariaDB RDS Optimized Writes
▪️ Redshift 200K tables in a single cluster
▪️ Redshift Serverless lower data warehouse base capacity configuration
▪️ Resource Explorer +12 new resource types
▪️ Route 53 Resolver endpoints for hybrid cloud announces IPv6 support
▪️ SageMaker Data Wrangler EMR Hive as a big query engine
▪️ Security Hub NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 5
▪️ SES email receiving metrics for better visibility and control
▪️ Systems Manager Favorites for documents and runbooks

06 Mar 2023 –  12 Mar, 2023