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Issue #80

▪️  Aurora PostgreSQL pgvector for vector storage and similarity search & version updates
▪️  Batch on Fargate Linux ARM64 and Windows x86 containers in CLI/SDK
▪️  CloudFront 3072-bit RSA certificates
▪️  Connect programmatically delete Routing Profiles and Queues
▪️  DMS Redshift Serverless support
▪️  DocumentDB index improvements
▪️  Elemental MediaLive
      ▫️  1-second metrics
      ▫️  alert categories in Channel Assembly
▪️  EMR on EKS programmatic execution for managed endpoints
▪️  FSx for NetApp ONTAP
      ▫️  IPSec encryption of data in transit
      ▫️  two additional monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities
      ▫️  write once, read many (WORM) protection with SnapLock
▪️  Karpenter Windows containers support
▪️  Lambda now detects and stops recursive loops in Lambda functions
▪️  Location Service
      ▫️  API Keys for Maps, Places, and Routes
      ▫️  publishing device position updates on EventBridge
▪️  Mainframe Modernization expands control and visibility of runtime
▪️  Omics FedRAMP Moderate authorization
▪️  OpenSearch Service version 2.7
▪️  Personalize add columns to existing datasets
▪️  Proton deployment history
▪️  QuickSight
      ▫️  axis customization options for small multiples and radar chart
      ▫️  unified color experience for analysis and dashboards
▪️  RDS for SQL Server self-managed Active Directory
▪️  S3 Inventory ACLs as object metadata in inventory reports