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Issue #81

▪️ Amplify JS lib better performance
▪️ AppConfig Agent simplifies feature flag and config use for EC2
▪️ CloudWatch ML backed Logs Insights pattern query command
▪️ CodeCatalyst workflows triggered by GitHub pull requests
▪️ Config advanced queries +65 resource types
▪️ Connect
     ▫️ CloudFormation support for routing profiles and queues
     ▫️ pre-defined Contact Lens conversational analytics metrics
▪️ Connect Cases case assignment
▪️ Connect Wisdom chat agents
▪️ ECS domainless gMSA authentication
▪️ Elemental MediaTailor cue ad tags in Channel Assembly
▪️ EMR on EKS Apache Spark with Java 17
▪️ Fargate faster container startup using Seekable OCI
▪️ Glue Crawlers Apache Hudi Tables
▪️ IoT Device Defender monitoring of device disconnect durations
▪️ IVS rendition filtering and higher frequency thumbnails
▪️ Lake Formation delegation of LF-Tag management
▪️ Lambda & EventBridge Pipes enhanced filtering
▪️ Lex Introducing Analytics
▪️ PrivateLink CloudWatch Contributor Insights integration
▪️ Redshift QUALIFY clause in SELECT SQL statement
▪️ Redshift ML integration with Amazon Forecast
▪️ Route 53 Resolver is now available on AWS Outposts rack
▪️ SageMaker JumpStart Meta Llama 2 foundation models
▪️ SNS mobile push notifications in 12 new regions
▪️ Tools Lambda Annotations Framework for .NET.
▪️ Translate real time translation of Docx files
▪️ WAF URI path aggregation key for rate-based rules