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Issue #102

▪️  Amplify Connect GraphQL APIs to existing MySQL and PostgreSQL DBs
▪️  AppConfig now supports PrivateLink
▪️  AppStream 2.0 Microsoft Windows Server 2022 images
▪️  Athena user identities for data access and audit
▪️  AWS Inc.
      ▫️ 3D-Secure authentication in Malaysia
      ▫️ Card Verification Value (CVV)
▪️  Billing Conductor margin analysis reports for AWS services
▪️  CloudFormation template generation for EventBridge Pipes
▪️  CloudShell migrated to AL2023
▪️  CloudWatch
      ▫️ Cross-Account Metrics Insights
      ▫️ Logs custom data identifiers
      ▫️ Logs streaming API support for Live Tail
      ▫️ Synthetics Synthetics NodeJS runtime version 6.1
▪️  CodeCatalyst managed package repository
▪️  CodeDeploy application stop hooks during EC2 Auto Scaling Group scale-ins
▪️  Connect
      ▫️ Cases creating rules for monitoring and updating your cases
      ▫️ more granular access controls (using tags) for your instances
      ▫️ more granular billing
      ▫️ Tasks pausing/resuming of tasks
▪️  Control Tower Landing Zone updates managed policies and controls
▪️  Cost Anomaly Detection extends CloudFormation region support
▪️  Data Exchange data grants for sharing data across organizations
▪️  DevOps Guru FedRAMP Moderate compliance
▪️  DocumentDB 1-click EC2 connectivity with EC2 instance
▪️  EBS CloudFormation support for Block Public Access for EBS Snapshots
▪️  EC2 Image Builder image workflows to customize image creation process
▪️  EC2
      ▫️ Inf2 instances | GA
      ▫️ M6id instances additional regions
      ▫️ M7g  instances additional regions
▪️  EMR on EC2 high-availability instance fleets configuration
▪️  EMR Serverless Middle East (UAE) Region
▪️  FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights
      ▫️ Dataviews for sharing database caches across kdb clusters
      ▫️ running multiple kdb processes on shared compute
      ▫️ Tickerplants for real-time analytics
▪️  IoT Core allows customers to use their own CAs with fleet provisioning
▪️  IoT TwinMaker Auto Query feature
▪️  Kinesis Data Firehose delivery of decompressed CloudWatch Logs to destinations
▪️  Lambda
      ▫️ additional concurrency metric for improved quota monitoring
      ▫️ Python 3.12 runtime
▪️  Linux KVM and VMWare images with AL2023.3
▪️  Monitron cost visibility at the project and site level
▪️  MQ RabbitMQ version 3.10.25
▪️  MSK IAM support to all programming languages for existing clusters
▪️  RDS for MariaDB 10.11.6, 10.6.16, 10.5.23, 10.4.32
▪️  RDS for SQL Server supports minor version 2022 CU10
▪️  SES notifications for delivery improvement recommendations
▪️  SNS
      ▫️ sending SMS from Asia Pacific (Jakarta)
      ▫️ SMS from Israel (Tel Aviv)
▪️  Systems Manager Fleet Manager EBS volume management
▪️  Thinkbox Deadline 10.3.1