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Issue 122

▪️   Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14, and 12.18
▪️   Amazon Q Business and Amazon Q Apps (Preview)
▪️   Amazon Q
       ▫️  data integration in AWS Glue | GA
       ▫️  Developer | GA
       ▫️  QuickSight
       ▫️  subscription management with AWS IAM Identity Center integration
▪️   AppFabric now supports Salesforce, Azure Monitor and Google Analytics
▪️   B2B Data Interchange automated 997 and TA1 acknowledgements
▪️   Bedrock
       ▫️  Amazon Titan Text Embeddings V2
       ▫️  Cohere Command R and R+
       ▫️  Knowledge Bases MongoDB Atlas for vector storage
▪️   Chime SDK Voice Connector audio streaming G.711 A-Law encoded audio
▪️   CloudWatch Internet Monitor IP prefix visibility
▪️   CloudWatch resource filtering for cross-account observability
▪️   CodeArtifact now supports RubyGems
▪️   CodeCatalyst Introducing file commit history
▪️   Config simplifies usage analysis with CloudWatch metrics
▪️   Connect Contact Lens
       ▫️  agent screen recording
       ▫️  generative AI-powered agent performance evaluations (preview)
▪️   DynamoDB
       ▫️  AWS FIS action to pause global table replication
       ▫️  configurable maximum throughput for On-demand tables
▪️   EC2
       ▫️  new  API to retrieve the public endorsement key from NitroTPM
       ▫️  protect AMIs from accidental deregistration
       ▫️  simplifies visibility into your active AMIs
▪️   EFS increases maximum per-client throughput to 1.5 GiB/s
▪️   EMR Serverless introduces Shuffle-optimized disks delivering improved performance for I/O intensive workloads
▪️   EventBridge Pipes event delivery through AWS PrivateLink
▪️   Firewall Manager central deployment and management of VPC NACLs with common NACL policies
▪️   HealthOmics
       ▫️  cross-account sharing for private workflows
       ▫️  dynamic run storage for private workflows
▪️   Launch Wizard Automate deployment of SAP Web Dispatcher
▪️   Location Service Places integration plugin for MapLibre GL JS Geocoder
▪️   Mainframe Modernization File Transfer introduces enhanced data set discovery workflow
▪️   OpenSearch Service Route 53 alias record for custom endpoint
▪️   Personalize
       ▫️  makes it easier than ever to delete users from datasets
       ▫️  new recipes supporting larger item catalogs with lower latency
▪️   Pinpoint
       ▫️  country rules to precisely control SMS message delivery
       ▫️  multimedia messaging service (MMS)
▪️   RDS for MySQL Innovation Release version 8.3 in RDS Database Preview Environment
▪️   RDS for SQL Server SSAS Multidimensional for SQL Server 2019
▪️   Redshift Multi-AZ deployment with zero-ETL integration
▪️   Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall now supports Domain Redirection
▪️   Security Hub Resource Tagging Standard
▪️   Timestream for LiveAnalytics Timestream Compute Unit (TCU)
▪️   Transcribe generative AI-powered call summarization
▪️   Trusted Advisor API to exclude resources