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Issue #121

▪️  AppFabric
      ▫️  1Password support
      ▫️  SentinelOne Singularity Cloud
▪️  Bedrock
      ▫️  Custom Model Import
      ▫️  Guardrails new safety & privacy controls
      ▫️  Meta Llama 3
      ▫️  Model evaluation | GA
      ▫️  Titan Image Generator model | GA
      ▫️  Watermark detection for Titan Image Generator
▪️  Bedrock Agents
      ▫️  Anthropic Claude 3 Haiku and Sonnet
      ▫️  Return of Control
▪️  Bedrock Knowledge Bases
      ▫️  multiple data sources
      ▫️  simplifies asking questions on a single document
▪️  CloudWatch Container Insights Accelerated Compute Observability on EKS
▪️  CloudWatch RUM +5 additional regions | GA
▪️  CodeBuild managed GitHub Action runners
▪️  CodeCatalyst
      ▫️  task breakdown assistance for issues assigned to Amazon Q
      ▫️  Workflow approvals
▪️  CodePipeline stage level manual and automated rollback
▪️  DataSync supports disabling task schedules
▪️  Direct Connect 25 Gbps hosted connection capacities
▪️  DynamoDB NoSQL Workbench revamped operation builder UI
▪️  EC2 dynamically removing and adding auto assigned public IPv4 address
▪️  Flink Managed Service restore running applications to pre-update state
▪️  GameLift includes containers support | Preview
▪️  Inspector agentless vulnerability assessments for EC2  | GA
▪️  Management Console NLB in Resource Map
▪️  OpenSearch Service support for Hebrew and HanLP language analyzers
▪️  Organizations Data Lifecycle Manager default policies
▪️  QuickSight cross sheet filters and controls
▪️  RDS for Db2 Local time zone support
▪️  RDS for Oracle Kerberos authentication in additional regions
▪️  RDS Performance Insights execution plan for RDS SQL Server
▪️  Route 53 Profiles
▪️  SageMaker Clarify foundation model evaluations
▪️  Time Sync Service Microsecond-Accurate time to 87 additonal EC2 instance types
▪️  Transfer Family lists files from remote SFTP servers using SFTP connectors
▪️  WorkSpaces Web +2 new larger instance types