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Issue #124

▪️ Bedrock Knowledge Bases
     ▫️ configure Guardrails
     ▫️ configure inference parameters
▪️ Bottlerocket NVIDIA Fabric Manager for Multi-GPU Workloads
▪️ CodeBuild connecting to a VPC from reserved capacity
▪️ Connect Contact Lens analytics for Flows and Flow Modules
▪️ Connect creating rules for monitoring and alerting on Flow metrics
▪️ Detective EKS audit logs in Security Lake integration
▪️ EBS direct APIs now support VPC endpoint policies
▪️ EC2 C7i-flex instances
▪️ ECS VPC flow logs
▪️ EKS native support for autoscaling CoreDNS Pods
▪️ EMR
     ▫️ additional metrics for enhanced monitoring
     ▫️ now supports Trino 435, Python 3.11
▪️ EventBridge Customer Managed Keys (CMK) for Event Buses
▪️ HealthImaging
     ▫️ cross-account data imports
     ▫️ retrieval of DICOM Part 10 instances
▪️ IAM Identity Center PKCE-based authorization for AWS applications
▪️ Managed Grafana version 10.4
▪️ Managed Service for Prometheus inline editing of alert manager and rules configuration
▪️ MSK removal of brokers from MSK provisioned clusters
▪️ MWAA Airflow REST API with web server auto scaling
▪️ OpenSearch Ingestion new UI for easy blueprint discovery
▪️ RDS for MySQL Extended Support minor 5.7.44-RDS.20240408
▪️ RDS for PostgreSQL Extended Support minor 11.22-RDS.20240418
▪️ S3 no longer charge for several HTTP error codes
▪️ Security Hub CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark 3.0
▪️ VPC Lattice TLS Passthrough
▪️ WorkSpaces Core Windows Server bundles