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Issue #125

▪️  Amazon Aurora Advanced Python Wrapper driver
▪️  Bedrock Mistral Small foundation model
▪️  Billing and Cost Management Bulk Policy Migration
▪️  Chatbot tagging Chatbot resources
▪️  CloudFormation
      ▫️ accelerates dev-test cycle with a new parameter for DeleteStack API
      ▫️ streamlines deployment troubleshooting with CloudTrail integration
▪️  Control Tower improves control operations at scale
▪️  Database Migration Service support for S3 Parquet as a source | GA
▪️  EKS & EKS Distro Kubernetes version 1.30
▪️  EMR Kinesis Data Streams Apache Spark Structured Streaming Connector
▪️  EMR Serverless Apache Livy endpoints
▪️  Entity Resolution customer compliance with ISO and SOC
▪️  EventBridge Event Bus improved filtering capabilities for event matching
▪️  Glue native SaaS connectivity: Salesforce connector available now
▪️  Kinesis Data Streams data plane logging to CloudTrail
▪️  Lightsail easy switching between dual-stack and IPv6-only instance bundles
▪️  Marketplace improved private offer experience
▪️  Neptune LlamaIndex support for GraphRAG applications
▪️  OpenSearch Service
      ▫️ OpenSearch version 2.13
      ▫️ releases cross cluster alerting monitors
      ▫️ zero-ETL integration with S3 now available
▪️  QuickSight
      ▫️ GetClusterCredentialswithIAM for Redshift Data Sources
      ▫️ public API for SPICE CMK Data Encryption
▪️  RDS Database Preview Environment PostgreSQL 17 Beta 1
▪️  RDS Extended Support APIs
▪️  RDS for Db2 hourly licensing from IBM through AWS Marketplace
▪️  RDS Performance Insights provides fine grained access control
▪️  Redshift Snapshot Isolation as the default for Provisioned clusters
▪️  Resource Explorer filtering on resources that support tags
▪️  Security Lake AWS WAF logs
▪️  SES Mail Manager
▪️  Verified Permissions Cognito tokens
▪️  WorkSpaces Web is now called Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser