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Issue #57

▪️ AppConfig integration with Secrets Manager and KMS
▪️ AppFlow +4 new data connectors
▪️ App Runner now supports HTTP 1.0 protocol
▪️ Artifact on-demand access to 3rd party compliance reports | GA
▪️ Athena Google Cloud Storage data source connector
▪️ Bottlerocket network bonding and VLAN tagging
▪️ CloudFormation StackSets list of Regions for stack instances of a stack set
▪️ CloudTrail Lake ingestion of activity events from non-AWS sources
▪️ CloudWatch simplified metric extraction from structured logs
▪️ Connect CloudFormation support
▪️ EC2
     ▫️ Credential Guard on Windows
     ▫️ replace root volumes for quick instance restoration on Mac
▪️ ElastiCache for Redis 99.99% availability SLA
▪️ Elemental MediaLive Dolby E audio decoding
▪️ Elemental MediaTailor timeline logs for Channel Assembly
▪️ Glue Studio Visual ETL +5 new transforms
▪️ IoT Core Rules Engine batching of device logs from Cloudwatch
▪️ Kendra Expanded Data Formats Support
▪️ MemoryDB for Redis 99.99% availability SLA
▪️ NAT Gateway 55K -> 440K concurrent connections to a unique destination
▪️ Omics PrivateLink & CloudFormation support
▪️ OpenSearch Service
     ▫️ enable SAML during domain creation
     ▫️ simplifies remote reindex for VPC domains
▪️ Open Source
     ▫️ Chime SDK now offers a Windows client library
     ▫️ SAM ‘sam list’ command
▪️ Outposts rack local gateway now supports VPC prefix lists
▪️ Panorama simplifies ordering of Panorama Appliances
▪️ Polly +2 US English NTTS voices
▪️ QuickSight launches Radar chart
▪️ RDS for Oracle additional cipher suites for OEM Agent and SSL option
▪️ RDS increasing storage when creating read replicas/restoring from snapshots
▪️ SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning new completion criteria for tuning jobs
▪️ SageMaker use your own training image
▪️ Snow Family
     ▫️ IMSV2 EC2 instances on Snow
     ▫️ software updates on AWS Snowcone
▪️ Systems Manager integration of Automation with Change Calendar

30 January 2023 – 03 February, 2023