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Issue #58

▪️ CloudFormation Spotlight tab for curated content
▪️ CloudFront OAC with Elemental MediaStore origins
▪️ Cloud Map up to 20K ECS tasks in a single Service Connect namespace
▪️ CloudWatch high resolution metric extraction from structured logs
▪️ Console Mobile Application more regions support
▪️ Control Tower Landing Zone 3.1
▪️ EC2 C7g metal instances are now available
▪️ EC2 Auto Scaling
     ▫️ instance refresh for standby and scale-in protected EC2 instances
     ▫️ instance refresh now supports rollback
▪️ ElastiCache for Redis
     ▫️ auto scaling in six new regions
     ▫️ enhanced I/O multiplexing
▪️ Elemental MediaConnect EventBridge event notifications
▪️ Elemental MediaTailor fast schedule updates in Channel Assembly
▪️ EMR on EKS job execution retries
▪️ EMR Serverless
     ▫️ larger worker sizes
     ▫️ HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC, and PCI DSS workloads
▪️ Fraud Detector Cold Start model training for customers with limited historical data
▪️ Glue Crawlers MongoDB Atlas
▪️ Lambda CloudWatch metrics for asynchronous invocations
▪️ Launch Wizard SAP S/4HANA Foundation/2022 auto-deployment
▪️ Lex Network of Bots
▪️ Polly +2 new Japanese NTTS voices
▪️ RDS for PostgreSQL seg extension support
▪️ SAM connectors as a resource parameter
▪️ Service Management Connector Jira Service Management customer portal
▪️ SimSpace Weaver CloudFormation support
▪️ SNS X-Ray active tracing support
▪️ Systems Manager
     ▫️ Change Calendar more comprehensive calendar view of operational events
     ▫️ Change Manager more flexible way of approving change requests

6 Feb 2023 – 12 Feb, 2023