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Issue #59

▪️ App Runner service level concurrency, CPU, Memory metrics
▪️ CloudWatch Logs Insights increased quotas
▪️ Cognito identity pool data events in CloudTrail
▪️ Connect granular access controls for real-time metrics
▪️ Control Tower customisations request tracing through AFT workflow
▪️ EC2
     ▫️  Dedicated Hosts automated maintenance on rare degradation
     ▫️  ENA Express now supports 15 new Instances
     ▫️  M7g and R7g Instances
▪️ ECS improves accuracy of Service Load Balancing
▪️ EventBridge event buses integration with Service Quotas
▪️ Fraud Detector AFD-Lists to optimize fraud prevention strategies
▪️ GameLift publish events to encrypted SNS topics
▪️ Incident Detection and Response New Relic integration
▪️ Kinesis Data Streams for DynamoDB Global tables CloudFormation support
▪️ Managed Grafana network access control
▪️ MQ KMS for RabbitMQ brokers
▪️ Network Firewall  tag-based resource groups
▪️ Organizations programmatically manage enabled/disabled opt-in regions
▪️ Pinpoint SMS and voice spending metrics in CloudWatch
▪️ RDS
     ▫️  PostgreSQL tcn extension support
     ▫️  SQL Database Activity Streams | blog
▪️ Resource Access Manager increased default quota values
▪️ Snow Family EKS Anywhere support
▪️ Step Functions EMR Serverless integration
▪️ Systems Manager enable by default across all EC2 instances
▪️ Trusted Advisor fault tolerance check for ElastiCache for Redis and MemoryDB
▪️ VPC Resource Map | GA
▪️ WAF
     ▫️  Captcha ten additional languages
     ▫️  Fraud Control account Takeover Protection now allows inspection of origin responses
▪️ WorkSpaces Core Workspot Cloud PCs

13 Feb 2023 –  19 Feb, 2023