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Issue #65

▪️ Athena minimum encryption to enhance query result security
▪️ Batch user-defined pod labels on EKS
▪️ Blu Insights user access with single sign-on
▪️ Bottlerocket FireLens support
▪️ Chatbot search of AWS resources and AWS content
▪️ Chime SDK
     ▫️ call analytics
     ▫️ Lex chatbots support
▪️ CloudFront HTTP status and response generation using CloudFront Functions
▪️ Cloud Map enables service editing in AWS Console
▪️ CloudShell Console Toolbar | GA
▪️ Compute Optimizer
     ▫️ +61 new EC2 instance types
     ▫️ EC2 instances with non-consecutive utilization data
     ▫️ HDD and io2 Block Express EBS volume types
▪️ Connect
     ▫️ expanded JSON attribute support in flows
     ▫️ step-by-step guides in agent workspace
▪️ Copilot full customization with CDK or YAML overrides
▪️ Cost Anomaly Detection auto configured for all new Cost Explorer users
▪️ DataSync copying data from Azure Blob Storage | Preview
▪️ DataZone new data management service to catalog, discover, analyze, share, and govern data | Preview
▪️ DevOps Guru for RDS RDS for PostgreSQL
▪️ Direct Connect new location in Mumbai, India
▪️ EC2 Image Builder real-time build tracking and improves build speeds for image pipelines
▪️ EKS domainless gMSA authentication for Windows containers
▪️ Elastic Disaster Recovery automated replication of new disks
▪️ EventBridge and Pipes ACK Controllers
▪️ Glue Studio visual ETL adds 10 new visual transforms
▪️ GuardDuty
     ▫️ monitor EKS containers runtime activity
     ▫️ simplifies enforcement of threat detection across all accounts
▪️ IoT Core Sidewalk deeper integration
▪️ Kendra Featured Results
▪️ Launch Wizard SAP NetWeaver JAVA Stack deployment
▪️ License Manager improved license visibility and distribution across your organization
▪️ Managed Service for Prometheus 500M active metrics per workspace
▪️ MGN inventory import and export, server status dashboard, and new modernization actions
▪️ Network Firewall support for ingress TLS inspection
▪️ NICE DCV 2023.0 with RHEL9 support
▪️ Omics batch variant store imports
▪️ RDS Custom gp3 storage volumes support
▪️ re:Post now includes AWS Knowledge Center articles
▪️ SageMaker
     ▫️ Canvas NLP and CV use cases
     ▫️ Python SDK set default values for parameters
▪️ SAM Accelerate Toolkits for JetBrains and VS Code
▪️ Simple Email Service
     ▫️ delivery and engagement graphs
     ▫️ now detects gaps in BIMI configuration
▪️ Site-to-Site VPN better visibility and control of VPN tunnel maintenance updates
▪️ SNS Extended Client Library for Python to support payloads up to 2GB
▪️ Systems Manager Incident Manager on-call schedules
▪️ VPC Lattice general availability
▪️ Well-Architected Tool Consolidated Report and Enhanced Search functionality


▪️ Application Migration Service is now available in the Middle East (UAE)
▪️ Athena for Apache Spark is now available in 4 new regions
▪️ CodeBuild +5 regions support for Arm-based workloads
▪️ EC2C6in and R5b are now available in additional regions
▪️ EC2High Memory instances are now available in the GovCloud (US)
▪️ EventBridge Scheduler is now available in 18 additional regions
▪️ Glue Crawler enhanced crawl capabilities in the GovCloud (US)
▪️ Lake Formation now available in Middle East (UAE)
▪️ SageMaker now available in Europe (Spain)
▪️ Service Catalog is now available in 4 additional regions
▪️ Service Quotas is now available in additional regions
▪️ Translate Batch Translation in 8 additional regions
▪️ WAF is now available in the Zurich, Spain, Hyderabad, and Melbourne
▪️ WickrGov now available in GovCloud (US-West)

27 Mar 2023 –  02 Apr, 2023