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Issue #67

▪️   AppFlow +6 connectors
▪️   AppSync EventBridge support
▪️   Backup +3 new regions
▪️   Chime SDK
       ▫️  updated video background blur and replacement
       ▫️  updates Service Level Agreement
▪️   CodeWhisperer is now generally available
▪️   Competency Media & Entertainment Competency
▪️   Config advanced queries supports 27 new resource types
▪️   Connect
       ▫️  agents to handle voice calls, chats, and tasks concurrently
       ▫️  Voice ID multiple fraudster watchlists per Voice ID domain
▪️   EC2
       ▫️  I4i  available in additional regions
       ▫️  Inf2 optimized for generative AI| GA
       ▫️  Trn1n optimized for network-intensive generative AI models | GA
▪️   EC2 Image Builder vulnerability detection with Amazon Inspector for custom images
▪️   EC2 Serial Console EC2 bare metal instances
▪️   ECS/Batch Split Cost Allocation Data
▪️   ECS Linux containers AL2023 and gMSA
▪️   ECS on Fargate supports extensible ephemeral storage for Windows Tasks
▪️   EKS Kubernetes version 1.26
▪️   Elemental MediaConnect Gateway
▪️   Elemental MediaConvert media metrics
▪️   Firewall Manager +6 WAF features
▪️   FSx for Lustre is now available in three additional regions
▪️   FSx for NetApp ONTAP is now available in three additional regions
▪️   FSx for Windows File Server is now available in the 3 additional regions
▪️   GameLift adds support for Unreal Engine 5
▪️   Glue visual ETL new native Redshift capabilities
▪️   Ground Station Wideband Digital Intermediate Frequency
▪️   GuardDuty +3 threat detections to Alert Customers on Suspicious DNS Traffic
▪️   IoT Core MQTT5 Shared Subscriptions and new CloudWatch metrics
▪️   Lambda SnapStart for Java functions in 6 additional regions
▪️   MSK is now available in Hyderabad, Spain, and Zurich Regions
▪️   MWAA Apache Airflow version 2.5
▪️   Pinpoint PrivateLink support
▪️   QuickSight Row Level Security tags with OR condition
▪️   RDS Optimized Reads up to 2X faster queries on RDS for PostgreSQL
▪️   Redshift enhances string query performance by up to 63x
▪️   Rekognition Face Liveness to deter fraud in facial verification
▪️   SageMaker Inference Recommender improves usability and launches new features
▪️   Service Management Connector AWS Support and Automation integrations in Jira Cloud
▪️   WAF
       ▫️  increases web ACL capacity units limits
       ▫️  larger request body inspections for CloudFront distributions
▪️   Well-Architected Framework strengthens prescriptive guidance

16 April 2023