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Issue #68

▪️  Amazon Corretto Quarterly Updates | aarch64 Alpine Linux  is GA
▪️  Amplify Flutter web and desktop support | GA
▪️  Amplify Push Notifications for mobile and cross platform apps
▪️  Backup SAP HANA databases on EC2
▪️  Chime SDK Hindi and Thai languages for live transcription
▪️  CloudFormation Template Sync Controller for Flux
▪️  CodeCatalyst
      ▫️ Dev Environment dashboard | Preview
      ▫️ General Availability
▪️  Competency Manufacturing and Industrial
▪️  Comprehend improves accuracy of document classification using layout data
▪️  Connect Customer Profiles now shows cases information in the agent workspace
▪️  Control Tower +7 additional Regions
▪️  DocumentDB ODBC driver to connect from BI tools
▪️  DynamoDB up to 50 concurrent table restores
▪️  EC2 Ubuntu Pro operating system in a subscription-included model
▪️  EFS up to 10 GiB/s of throughput
▪️  Elastic Disaster Recovery simplifies launch settings management
▪️  EMR enhanced error details
▪️  EMR Serverless  job-level billed resources for efficient cost management
▪️  Glue monitor usage of Glue resources
▪️  GuardDuty support for AWS Lambda
▪️  Inspector deep inspection of EC2 instances
▪️  IoT Core for LoRaWAN public network and roaming with Everynet | Preview
▪️  Kafka Distro for OpenTelemetry support
▪️  Lake Formation Apache Hive Metastore resources
▪️  Lambda Python 3.10 runtime
▪️  Migration Hub Refactor Spaces +7 regions
▪️  Partner Central  redesigned opportunity management
▪️  Personalize
      ▫️ enables popularity tuning for similar item recommendations
      ▫️ integration with SageMaker Data Wrangler
      ▫️ Kafka Sink connector to ingest real-time data with ease
▪️  RDS events now include tags for filtering and routing
▪️  Redshift
      ▫️ MERGE SQL command | GA
      ▫️ centralized access control for data sharing with Lake Formation
      ▫️ Dynamic Data Masking | GA
▪️  SageMaker organize models in the Model Registry with Collections
▪️  SageMaker Studio Lab combats bots with CAPTCHA
▪️  SAM CLI local testing support for API Gateway Lambda authorizers
▪️  Snowball Edge Compute Optimized S3 compatible storage
▪️  Systems Manager Incident Manager collaboration with MS Teams
▪️  VPC Prefix Lists +3 regions
▪️  WAF
      ▫️ Captcha JavaScript API support
▪️  WAF Ready Partner Offerings

April 17 – April 23, 2023