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Issue #69

▪️  AppSync TypeScript and source maps in JavaScript resolvers
▪️  Athena Provisioned Capacity
▪️  CloudWatch Logs data protection in all Commercial Regions
▪️  CloudWatch new console capabilities and data visualizations
▪️  Connect
      ▫️  Contact Lens evaluation capabilities is now generally available
      ▫️  reduces Japan toll-free inbound minute rate
      ▫️  reduces South Korea DID rates
▪️  DataSync Discovery general availability
▪️  EC2
      ▫️   C6id, M6id, R6id instances are now available in additional regions
      ▫️  now supports AMD SEV-SNP
▪️  Elemental Link UHD Dolby Digital and Digital Plus
▪️  Fault Injection Simulator EC2 Instance disk fill
▪️  Firewall Manager multiple administrators
▪️  Global Accelerator +2 edge locations
▪️  Glue Crawlers creating partition indexes
▪️  IoT Core Device Advisor MQTT over WebSocket
▪️  IoT TwinMaker data overlays and text annotations in 3D scenes
▪️  Keyspaces supports IN operator for SELECT queries
▪️  Lambda Java 17
▪️  License Manager upgrading of EC2 Instances from Ubuntu to Ubuntu Pro OS
▪️  Location Service long distance matrix routing
▪️  Managed Grafana workspace configuration with version 9.4
▪️  MQ RabbitMQ  3.10.20 and 3.9.27
▪️  MSK multi-VPC private connectivity and cross-account access
▪️  Network Firewall ingress TLS inspection +8 regions
▪️  OpenSearch Service OpenSearch Ingestion
▪️  QuickSight two suites of data ingestion APIs
▪️  RDS M7g and R7g db instances
▪️  Resource Access Manager fine-grained customer managed permissions
▪️  Route 53 Resolver endpoints for hybrid cloud are now available in three new AWS Regions
▪️  S3 now applies two security best practices to all new buckets by default
▪️  SageMaker
      ▫️  accelerates local ML code conversion to remote jobs
      ▫️  hosted TensorBoard experience
▪️  Support in Korean
▪️  Systems Manager CDK applications support
▪️  Verified Access is now generally available

April 24 – April 30, 2023