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Issue #71

▪️  App Mesh PrivateLink
▪️  Athena Apache Hudi 0.12.2
▪️  Aurora I/O-Optimized
▪️  Aurora MySQL and PostgreSQL Graviton3 based R7g instance family
▪️  Backup now supports User Notifications
▪️  CloudFront one-click security protections with WAF
▪️  CloudTrail Lake enhances query support for all Presto SQL SELECT functions
▪️  CodeWhisperer extension in JupyterLab and SageMaker Studio
▪️  Connect Contact Lens supervisor alerts on agent performance
▪️  Direct Connect in Atlanta Georgia and Lagos, Nigeria
▪️  EC2 I4g storage-optimized instances
▪️  ElastiCache for Redis enabling Cluster Mode configuration on existing clusters
▪️  EMR Serverless available in China Regions
▪️  Glue Crawler custom JDBC drivers
▪️  Glue large instance types | GA
▪️  IoT Core registry adds additional CloudFormation resource types
▪️  IoT SiteWise
      ▫️  auto compute aggregated asset property values 15-min intervals
      ▫️  enhances optimized storage in hot path data
▪️  IVS monitor the health of live streams with multiple hosts
▪️  Kinesis Data Firehose OpenSearch Service document ID
▪️  Lambda X-Ray tracing for SnapStart-enabled functions
▪️  Managed Service for Prometheus  +4 regions
▪️  Management Console Private Access | GA
▪️  Marketplace self-service listing feature for single AMI products
▪️  MemoryDB for Redis
      ▫️  IAM Authentication
      ▫️  Redis 7
      ▫️  simplifies creating new clusters in Console
▪️  Network Firewall ingress TLS inspection is now available in all regions
▪️  Open-Source Cedar language for access control
▪️  QuickSight
      ▫️  new scatterplot options
      ▫️  State Persistence + Bookmarks for embedded dashboards
      ▫️  VPC Connections via public APIs with Multi-AZ
▪️  RDS M6g and R6g database instances +4 regions
▪️  Redshift Data Sharing now available in China Regions
▪️  SageMaker
      ▫️  Autopilot training ML models with weights, +8 objective metrics
      ▫️  Canvas operationalize ML models in production
      ▫️  notebooks now support ml.p4d, ml.p4de and ml.inf1 instances
      ▫️  Serverless Inference Provisioned Concurrency
      ▫️  Studio CodeGuru Security plugin  | Preview
▪️  Service Management Connector provisioning with Terraform
▪️  SNS faster automatic deletion of unconfirmed subscriptions
▪️  Systems Manager optimize compute costs of the applications

May 08 – May 14, 2023