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Issue #72

▪️  Braket new trapped-ion quantum computer named Aria from IonQ
▪️  Clean Rooms is now HIPAA eligible
▪️  CloudFront stale-while-revalidate and stale-if-error cache control directives
▪️  Config advanced queries +62 resource types
▪️  Control Tower +28 proactive controls
▪️  Cost Categories Usage Type dimension support
▪️  Data Exchange User Notifications | GA
▪️  DataSync copy data to and from S3 compatible storage on Snow
▪️  Detective investigations for additional AWS services
▪️  Device Farm VPC integration for Private Devices
▪️  Distro for OpenTelemetry advanced sampling
▪️  EC2 C6in + 20 regions
▪️  Elemental MediaTailor query parameter pass through
▪️  Global Accelerator extends TCP termination to IPv6 traffic
▪️  IoT SiteWise formula builder improvements
▪️  Kendra
      ▫️  Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Connector
      ▫️  Adobe Experience Manager On-Premise Connector
      ▫️  Alfresco Enterprise Connector
      ▫️  Alfresco PaaS Connector
      ▫️  Gmail Connector to enable messaging search
▪️  MQ +4 regions
▪️  Neptune Serverless CloudFormation support
▪️  Omics
      ▫️  direct upload to Omics storage and automatic variant data parsing
      ▫️  EventBridge integration
      ▫️  Graphical Processing Units for workflows
      ▫️  pre-built bioinformatic workflows with predictable pricing
▪️  QuickSight Common Sub-expression Elimination for SPICE performance optimization
▪️  RDS M6i and R6i database instances +16 regions
▪️  RDS for Oracle April 2023 Release Update for 19c
▪️  Rekognition eye gaze direction detection in Face APIs
▪️  Systems Manager
      ▫️  Distributor  CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor agent
      ▫️  Patch Manager now supports Alma Linux
      ▫️  Patch Manager now supports Ubuntu 22.04
▪️  Textract updates its Queries feature within Analyze Document API
▪️  Timestream unloading data to S3
▪️  WAF rate-based rules to support request headers and composite keys

21 May 2023