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Issue #75

▪️ Athena for Apache Spark
     ▫️ Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Delta Lake
     ▫️ custom Java libraries
▪️ Billing and Cost Management scripts to bulk updates policies | scripts
▪️ CloudFormation StackSets
     ▫️ programmatic trust access with AWS Organizations
     ▫️ skips suspended accounts
▪️ CloudTrail Lake selective start or stop ingestion of CloudTrail events
▪️ CloudWatch Logs
     ▫️ data protection account level policy configuration
     ▫️ Live Tail
▪️ Config
     ▫️ advanced queries support +30 resource types
     ▫️ recording exclusions by resource type
▪️ Connect Customer Profiles  exports profile updates in real-time
▪️ Control Tower
     ▫️ account access configuration flexibility
     ▫️ Account Factory Single Region Terraform
▪️ Database Migration Service enhanced homogeneous migration capabilities
▪️ DocumentDB 5.0 t3.medium and r5 instances
▪️ EMEA SARL daily invoice consolidation
▪️ EMR on EKS Spark Operator and spark-submit
▪️ FinSpace Managed kdb Insights | GA
▪️ Glue Data Quality is now generally available
▪️ Glue for Ray is now generally available
▪️ IoT Device Management Software Package Catalog
▪️ Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) Multi-Region Replication
▪️ KMS importing asymmetric and HMAC keys
▪️ Lambda
     ▫️ Ruby 3.2 runtime
     ▫️ SnapStart for Java +7 regions
▪️ Lex Test Workbench
▪️ Mainframe Modernization HIPAA eligible
▪️ Managed Microsoft AD simplifies administrative tools access
▪️ Marketplace FedRAMP auth for Vendor Insights security profiles
▪️ Migration Hub Refactor Spaces flexibility routing with path parameters
▪️ MWAA in-place version upgrades
▪️ Polly +female NTTS voice in Belgian Dutch (Flemish)
▪️ QuickSight
     ▫️ APIs to automate and accelerate assets deployment
     ▫️ geospatial heatmap for points on maps
     ▫️ standardized user level cost and usage data
▪️ RDS Custom for SQL Server Bring Your Own Media
▪️ RDS for Oracle April 2023 Release Update for 21c
▪️ Redshift Serverless query scheduling and SSO
▪️ SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning automatically chooses tuning configs
▪️ SageMaker Canvas retraining ML models, automating prediction workflows
▪️ SageMaker JumpStart Falcon 40B model
▪️ SageMaker Pipelines Selective Executions
▪️ SQS dead-letter queue redrive
▪️ Timestream Customer Defined Partition Keys
▪️ Trusted Advisor new checks for EFS
▪️ WAF Header Order match statement for request inspection