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Issue #82

▪️ ACE Pipeline Manager bulk import in-line editing
▪️ AppStream 2.0 Graphics G5 instances
▪️ Billing Conductor auto-account association
▪️ Chime SDK more compositing options for live connector and media capture
▪️ CloudFormation looping function
▪️ CloudFormation StackSets direct access to resources and stack drift info
▪️ CloudWatch Application Insights multi-app instance deployments
▪️ CloudWatch Internet Monitor Network Load Balancers as a resource type
▪️ CloudWatch Synthetics new Synthetics NodeJS runtime version 5.0
▪️ CodeCatalyst Elastic Kubernetes Service depoyments
▪️ Connect Customer Profiles rule-based identity resolution
▪️ Control Tower additional proactive controls
▪️ Cost Management visual Savings Plans recommendations
▪️ DataSync copying data to and from Azure Blob Storage
▪️ DocumentDB document compression support
▪️ DynamoDB Database Encryption SDK | GA
▪️ EC2
     ▫️ C7gd, M7gd, and R7gd Instances
     ▫️ P5 instances, optimized for generative AI and HPC | GA
▪️ EC2 Spot Instances Blueprints ECS templates
▪️ ECS console now has enhanced support for task definition workflows
▪️ ECS Service Discovery  +5 regions
▪️ Elastic Disaster Recovery +5 regions
▪️ EMR enhanced cluster scaling experience
▪️ EMR on EC2 native LDAP authentication
▪️ EMR Serverless
     ▫️ retrieving secrets from Secrets Manager
     ▫️ storing logs in CloudWatch
▪️ GameLift expands SDK support for Unity based game developers
▪️ Glue DataBrew Recipes now include Glue jobs
▪️ Glue for Apache Spark  Snowflake connectivity | GA
▪️ Glue Studio Redshift Serverless support
▪️ Health delegated administrator
▪️ HealthImaging process medical images at petabyte scale | GA
▪️ IAM Roles Anywhere credential helper adds support for OS certificate stores
▪️ IoT Core MQTT support for Device Location feature
▪️ Lake Formation Read-Only Administrator role
▪️ Lambda Python 3.11 runtime
▪️ Managed Blockchain Access and Query | GA
▪️ Marketplace Vendor Insights PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR certifications
▪️ MQ
     ▫️ customer managed configuration for RabbitMQ brokers
     ▫️ RabbitMQ version 3.11 and new operator policies
▪️ Omics workflow run queuing
▪️ Partnership
     ▫️ Connect Ready Program
     ▫️ ECS Delivery Specialization
▪️ Personalize peroonalize your search results with OpenSearch
▪️ QuickSight
     ▫️ introduces Analysis file menu
     ▫️ Snapshot Export APIs
▪️ RDS Custom for Oracle CloudFormation Templates support
▪️ RDS for Oracle Oracle Application Express version 23.1
▪️ RDS storage optimization process indicator
▪️ Redshift
     ▫️ automatic mounting of AWS Glue Data Catalog
     ▫️ querying Apache Iceberg tables
▪️ Route 53 +14 Top-Level Domains
▪️ SageMaker Canvas
     ▫️ custom Amazon S3 output location for ML artifacts
     ▫️ Document Queries powered by Amazon Textract
     ▫️ expands data preparation with five new capabilities
     ▫️ sharing ML models with QuickSight
     ▫️ supports training ML models with different objective metrics
▪️ SageMaker Feature Store cross account sharing, discovery and access
▪️ SageMaker JumpStart SDXL 1.0 foundation model from Stability AI
▪️ SimSpace Weaver
     ▫️ custom container images and new clock
     ▫️ multiple spatial domains per simulation
▪️ SQS JSON protocol | Preview
▪️ Supply Chain Demand Planning
     ▫️ better UI
     ▫️ CloudTrail support for event history
     ▫️ multiple override management
▪️ Transcribe Toxicity Detection for spoken conversations
▪️ Transfer Family SFTP connectors
▪️ VPC IP Address Manager Public IP Insights
▪️ Wickr federated data retention for internal and external conversations