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Issue #83

▪️ AmplifyCloudWatch Logger Feature for Swift and Android
▪️ Application ComposerUpdates: Undo and Redo, Export Canvas, Local Sync Mode
▪️ AthenaAvailability in New Europe and Asia Pacific Regions
▪️ Aurora
     ▫️ Local Write Forwarding for MySQL
     ▫️ Supports Automatic Backup of Deleted Clusters
▪️ BackupImproved Performance for S3 Buckets
▪️ Batch on FargateSupport for Linux ARM64 and Windows x86 Containers in Console
▪️ BatchPrice Capacity Optimized Allocation Strategy for Spot Instances
▪️ BedrockClaude 2 Foundation Model from Anthropic
▪️ Billing Console Invoice Balance Due Information and Invoice Amount
▪️ Clean RoomsCustom Query and Template Capabilities
▪️ CloudFormationEnhanced Deletion Policies for Dev-Test Cycle
▪️ CloudWatch Internet MonitorCustomizable Thresholds for Health Events
▪️ ConfigSupports 19 New Resource Types
▪️ Connect
     ▫️ Archiving and Deleting Flows from the UI
     ▫️ Automatic Activity Scheduling Based on Shift Duration
     ▫️ Custom Flow Block Titles
     ▫️ Flows UI Toolbar and Ability to Add Notes
     ▫️ Scheduling Agent Time-off Balance and Group Allowance Support
     ▫️ Automated Flexible Days Scheduling
     ▫️ Support for Flow-only Attributes
▪️ Database Migration ServiceEnhanced Homogeneous Migrations for MariaDB
▪️ EBSUp to 128 Volume Attachments per EC2 Instance
▪️ EC2Introduction of M7i-flex and M7i Instances
▪️ EC2 VT1Improved Control of Stream Quality, Latency, and Bandwidth
▪️ EFSSupports up to 55,000 IOPS per File System
▪️ EKSEasier Configuration and Use of EFS for Persistent Shared File Storage
▪️ EKS FargateAdditional Ephemeral Storage
▪️ ElastiCacheSupport for M7g and R7g Graviton3-based Nodes
▪️ EMR ServerlessAPI Support for Application UIs
▪️ EventBridge SchedulerSchedule Deletion after Completion
▪️ InspectorEnhanced Vulnerability Intelligence in Findings
▪️ Instance RefreshRollbacks Triggered by CloudWatch Alarms
▪️ IoT CoreNew Certificate Signing & Key Generation Algorithms
▪️ Lake FormationAvailability in Two Additional Regions
▪️ NAT GatewayAvailability in US West Phoenix Local Zone
▪️ PollyNew Belgian French Female Voice Isabelle
▪️ RDS Custom for SQL ServerSupports Local Time Zones
▪️ RDS for OracleSupport for Replicas for Single-tenant Instances
▪️ RDS for SQL ServerSupports Secondary Host Metrics in Enhanced Monitoring
▪️ RDSSimplifies Connectivity Between an RDS or Aurora Database and AWS Lambda
▪️ RedshiftOpen Sourced Integration for Apache Spark
▪️ Resilience HubApplication Resilience Drift Detection
▪️ SageMakerNew Direct Integration with Salesforce Data Cloud
▪️ SageMaker StudioPre-built Docker ‘Distribution’ for Machine Learning
▪️ SageMakerSupport for ml.p5 Instances for Model Training
▪️ SQSIncreased Throughput Quota for FIFO High Throughput Mode
▪️ Thinkbox DeadlineRelease of 10.3
▪️ Transit Gateway Flow LogsAvailable in Five Additional Regions
▪️ TranslateLanguage Detection for Real Time Document Translation
▪️ VPC IP Address ManagerPublishes IP Address Utilization Metrics for AWS Resources
▪️ VPCSupports Primary IPv6 Address on an Elastic Network Interface
▪️ WorkSpacesMicrosoft 365 Apps for Enterprise Availability