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Issue #85

▪️  AppSync JavaScript for all resolvers in GraphQL APIs
▪️  Audit Manager integration with EventBridge
▪️  AWS Startups AWS Build self-paced program for pre-MVP founders
▪️  Backup Audit Manager delegated backup administrator
▪️  Batch on Amazon ECS AL2023 support
▪️  CodePipeline GitLab support
▪️  DeepRacer Student educator playbooks
▪️  Distro for OpenTelemetry Kubernetes Metadata Enrichment
▪️  EC2
      ▫️  Hpc7a instances for compute-intensive, latency-sensitive, HPC workloads
      ▫️  M7a general purpose instances
▪️  EMR Serverless fine grained log configurations
▪️  FSx for NetApp ONTAP new performance metrics and updated dashboard
▪️  GameLift support Graviton3 processors
▪️  Glue Studio Visual ETL adds 5 new visual transforms
▪️  HealthOmics
      ▫️ cross-account sharing of omics analytics stores
      ▫️ versioning of annotation stores
▪️  IAM Identity Center integration with QuickSight | GA
▪️  Kinesis Video Streams improves image sampling frequency to 5 FPS
▪️  Lex Confirmation slot type
▪️  Mainframe Modernization Data Replication with Precisely
▪️  Marketplace self-service Vendor Insights
▪️  OpenSearch Serverless larger workloads and collections
▪️  Polly new Gulf Arabic male NTTS voice
▪️  RDS Custom for Oracle
      ▫️ R5b and X2iedn instances
      ▫️ R6i, M6i, and T3 instances
▪️  RDS Performance Insights on-demand analysis experience
▪️  Resilience Hub Exclude Recommendations