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Issue #87

▪️  Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS Extended Support for MySQL and PostgreSQL
▪️  Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink former Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics | renamed
▪️  Amplify time-based OTP for MFA on Android, Swift, Flutter
▪️  AppFlow concurrent processing for data transfers from SAP applications
▪️  Application Migration Service
      ▫️ additional modernization actions
      ▫️ refactor environment automation
▪️  App Runner Bitbucket support
▪️  AppSync improved module and functions for JavaScript DynamoDB resolvers
▪️  Backup local time zone selections
▪️  Chime SDK call analytics and voice enhancement for call recordings
▪️  Clean Rooms increased configurability
▪️  CloudWatch Application Insights Monitor SAP NetWeaver Standard Deployment
▪️  Compute Optimizer licensing cost optimization for MS SQL Server
▪️  Connect Cases +9 languages
▪️  Connect
      ▫️ new bulk editing features for users
      ▫️ Universal International Freephone Numbers
      ▫️ voice dialing with no agents required for outbound campaigns
▪️  DataSync detailed data transfer task reports
▪️  Directory Service and Private CA provide certificates for Active Directory
▪️  Elemental Link and MediaLive KLV metadata support
▪️  Elemental MediaTailor per-session control of non-linear overlay video ads
▪️  Firewall Manager auditing capabilities for Security Groups
▪️  Gateway Load Balancer Endpoint deploy between virtual private gateway and subnets in VPC
▪️  HealthOmics workflow run archiving and retention
▪️  Marketplace CloudTrail support
▪️  Network Firewall improved UX with console enhancements
▪️  Neuron Llama 2, GPT-NeoX, and SDXL gen-AI models
▪️  OpenSearch Ingestion ingesting streaming data from Amazon MSK
▪️  OpenSearch Serverless AWS User Notifications
▪️  OpenSearch Service Service Quotas + increase the instances per domain quota
▪️  Outposts
      ▫️ Iceland and Uruguay
      ▫️ intra-VPC communication across multiple Outposts
▪️  Private CA Connector for Active Directory
▪️  QuickSight scaled shared folders for asset sharing at scale in a multi-tenant setup
▪️  RDS Custom for SQL Server stop/start db instance on demand
▪️  RDS for Oracle time zone auto-upgrade for Single-tenant instances
▪️  RDS Optimized Writes for MySQL/MariaDB
      ▫️ r5 db instances
      ▫️ m6i/m6g db instances
▪️  RDS PostgreSQL 16 RC1 | Preview
▪️  S3 multivalue answer in response to DNS queries
▪️  SageMaker Canvas additional data connectors with JDBC
▪️  Sagemaker Real-time Inference response streaming
▪️  SDK for SAP ABAP is now available in AWS China Regions
▪️  SES email delivery and engagement history for every email
▪️  SimSpace Weaver SDK for Python
▪️  SNS additional usage metrics in CloudWatch
▪️  Step Functions streamlines the authoring experience in Workflow Studio
▪️  Systems Manager Patch Manager additional Linux OS versions
▪️  Transfer Family multiple methods to authenticate SFTP users
▪️  VPC CNI Kubernetes NetworkPolicy enforcement