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Issue #88

▪️  Backup
      ▫️  Aurora continuous backup
      ▫️  resource exclusion for CloudFormation stack
▪️  CloudWatch EKS control plane logs as Vended Logs
▪️  CloudWatch Logs regular expression filter pattern syntax support
▪️  Compute Optimizer rightsizing for G4dn and P3 instances
▪️  Connect APIs to programmatically configure views in step-by-step guides
▪️  Detective EKS security investigations to AWS Workshop Studio
▪️  EC2 R7iz instances
▪️  Elemental MediaConnect new CloudWatch metrics
▪️  FSx for NetApp ONTAP simplify managing file systems using ONTAP CLI
▪️  Kendra Web Crawler for dynamic content support
▪️  Marketplace
      ▫️  daily disbursements
      ▫️  programmatic notifications for Offer Published events
▪️  MWAA customer compliance with ISO and IRAP
▪️  NAT Gateway +Los Angeles Local Zone us-west-2-lax-1a
▪️  Partner network new AWS Automotive Competency
▪️  Personalize extended column limits
▪️  RDS custom data types in Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL
▪️  RDS for PostgreSQL h3-pg for geospatial indexing
▪️  Route 53 AWS-managed prefix lists for health checks
▪️  SageMaker geospatial capabilities now support Notebook with GPU-based Instances
▪️  SageMaker Inference Multi Model Endpoints for PyTorch
▪️  SageMaker new quick Studio setup experience
▪️  SAM CLI local testing and debugging support on Terraform projects
▪️  SES +7 regions email receiving service
▪️  Step Functions enhanced error handling
▪️  Trusted Advisor new fault tolerance check for async events
▪️  VPC DNS Query Logging +5 Regions
▪️  WAF Bot Control protects against distributed proxy-based attacks