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Issue #89

▪️  Amplify Studio now offers full support of GraphQL APIs
▪️  API Gateway console refresh
▪️  AppSync WebSockets-based subscriptions for real-time updates support nested filtering
▪️  AWS Marketplace introduces new self-service listing feature for SaaS products
▪️  Bedrock KB connects foundation models to your data sources
▪️  Chatbot Custom notifications
▪️  Cloud Map now supports AWS PrivateLink
▪️  CodeCatalyst IP address access restrictions in GitHub Enterprise Cloud
▪️  CodePipeline support for GitLab Groups
▪️  Connect Cases
      ▫️ attachments
      ▫️ author name on comments
▪️  Connect Contact Data Updated event
▪️  Control Tower is now available in Hyderabad, Spain, UAE, and Zurich Regions
▪️  Cost Anomaly Detection custom anomaly monitor limit to 500
▪️  EC2
      ▫️ Block Public Access for Amazon Machine Images
      ▫️ new R7a computed optimized instances
      ▫️ new R7a memory optimized instances
      ▫️ new C7i instances
▪️  Elastic Disaster Recovery post-launch actions framework
▪️  Elemental Link UHD simplifies live video contribution with MediaConnect
▪️  EMR on EKS
      ▫️ now supports Amazon Linux 2023
      ▫️ now supports managed Apache Flink | Preview
▪️  Glue Streaming Kinesis Data Streams enhanced fan-out feature
▪️  GuardDuty introduces cluster configurability in EKS Runtime Monitoring
▪️  IAM Identity Center session duration limit increases from 7 > 90 days
▪️  IAM Managed Policies ROSA support with hosted control planes
▪️  IAM provides action last accessed information for more than 140 services
▪️  OpenSearch Serverless extends auto-scaling to handle high query rates
▪️  QuickSight launches pixel based font size and text highlighting for textbox visual
▪️  RDS M6id and R6id database instances
▪️  RDS for PostgreSQL major versions upgrades for M-AZ Deployment with 2-read standbys
▪️  RDS PostgreSQL 16.0 | Preview
▪️  Redshift cross-region data sharing support through Lake Formation
▪️  SNS FIFO topics now support message delivery to SQS Standard queues
▪️  Supply Chain Demand Planning +Sydney region
▪️  Supply Chain new override retention capability