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Issue #93

▪️ Billing Link Your Bank Account for SEPA direct debit payments in Germany
▪️ CDK cdk8s include synthesize, import Helm charts, resolve cloud tokens
▪️ CloudWatch
▪️ launch Internet Monitor from VPC console
▪️ metric monitors EC2 instance reachability to EBS volumes
▪️ Direct Connect new location in Seoul, South Korea
▪️ EC2
     ▫️ C7gd, M7gd, and R7gd instances now available in additional regions
     ▫️ M6in and M6idn instances are now available in new regions
     ▫️ setting AMIs to a disabled state
▪️ Elemental MediaTailor ad break discovery in Channel Assembly
▪️ Global Accelerator second Edge location in Vietnam
▪️ Glue GitLab, BitBucket in its Git integration feature
▪️ Lambda IPv6 support for outbound connections in VPC
▪️ Linux Ansible and Corretto 21 with AL2023.2
▪️ Network Load Balancer (NLB)
     ▫️ Availability Zone DNS affinity
     ▫️ Disable connection termination for unhealthy targets
     ▫️ UDP connection termination by default
▪️ OpenSearch Search Pipelines
▪️ Organizations service control policies (SCPs) in AWS China Regions
▪️ QuickSight
     ▫️ running queries as an IAM role for Redshift data sources
     ▫️ total positioning options for pivot table
▪️ RDS for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB M6in, M6idn, R6in, R6idn db instances
▪️ RDS pgactive: Active-active Replication Extension for PostgreSQL
▪️ Rekognition Enhance accuracy of pre-trained model with Custom Moderation
▪️ SageMaker Canvas
▪️ built in Deploy ML models; real-time endpoints
▪️ expands content summarization and information extraction capabilities
▪️ Step Functions launches Optimized Integration for Amazon EMR Serverless
▪️ Systems Manager
     ▫️ Application Manager SAP HANA
     ▫️ enable-by-default for all EC2 instances in an organization
▪️ Textract Custom Queries to improve information extraction for business-specific docs