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Issue #94

▪️  AMI Block Public Access now enabled for all new and existing accounts with no public AMIs
▪️  AWS member account level credit sharing preferences
▪️  Bedrock now available in Europe (Frankfurt) AWS Region
▪️  CloudWatch out-of-the-box alarm recommendations for AWS services
▪️  CodeCatalyst scheduled workflow triggers
▪️  CodePipeline retrying a pipeline execution from the first action in a failed stage
▪️  CodeWhisperer customization capability | Preview
▪️  Connect additional levels of granular access control
▪️  Data Provider for SAP Oracle Linux OS, more JDK versions, and Linux logrotate
▪️  EC2
      ▫️  M6gd instances are now available in additional regions
      ▫️   C6a, M6a, R6a instances now available in additional regions
      ▫️  M6id instances are now available in additional regions
      ▫️  new R7i instances
▪️  EKS get add-ons from ISV in the EKS console
▪️   Elastic Disaster Recovery Introducing Recover into Existing Instance
▪️  Entity Resolution launches records matching with data service providers
▪️  Glue for Apache Spark native connectivity for Google BigQuery
▪️  IoT TwinMaker is now available in Tokyo, Seoul, and Mumbai
▪️  Kendra 11 JDBC data sources to enable structured data search
▪️  Managed Blockchain Query
      ▫️  Bitcoin Testnet and new Asset APIs
      ▫️  Sepolia Testnet support
▪️  MSK EventBridge Pipes console integration
▪️  MSK Replicator cross-region and same-region streaming data replication
▪️  OpenSearch Service
      ▫️  Im4gn instances
      ▫️  new administrative options
      ▫️  new language analyzers
      ▫️  OCSF and custom logs
▪️  Partner quick setup Metric Streams
▪️  Personalize OpenSearch service integration
▪️  QuickSight
      ▫️  direct connectivity to Starburst
      ▫️  direct connectivity to Trino
▪️  RDS
      ▫️  Dedicated Log Volume
      ▫️  Optimized Writes using RDS Blue/Green Deployments
▪️  Redshift
      ▫️  integration with AWS Secrets Manager
      ▫️  integration with Visual Studio Code
      ▫️  Query Editor V2 Autocomplete suggestions
▪️  Resource Explorer +12 new resource types
▪️  Route 53
      ▫️  Share Application Recovery Controller clusters across multiple AWS accounts
      ▫️  traffic flow now supports geoproximity routing for AWS Local Zones
▪️  SageMaker Inference
      ▫️  ml.p5.48xlarge Instances
      ▫️  Regional Expansion for ml.p4d, ml.trn1, and ml.g5 instances
▪️  Security Hub +19 new security controls
▪️  Service Catalog additional Infrastructure as Code (IaC) provisioning tools
▪️  Wickr FedRAMP Moderate authorized
▪️  WorkSpaces
      ▫️  introduces Graphics G4dn bundles for Ubuntu desktops
      ▫️  Windows Server 2022 bundles